The Weather Outside is Frightful

And inside my apartment is the same. Why is the heat not on in here? I don’t get it. Its freeeeeezzzzzinnnnggg

This is not outside or my apartment. But does look cold

This weekend was a bit of a bust running wise but a success life wise! So we will take what we can get and call it a win. Right? I did a long run on Saturday that I cut down to 16 because I’ve been having a bit of foot issues. The best part of the run was running into Christy and knocking off several miles with her. Miles always go by faster with friends! The worst part was feeling draggy on the run and my stupid running belt.

My belt is not pink

I This isn’t exactly mine but its similar. I got it as a Secret Santa gift which was SO thoughtful. But it hates me. It bounces up and down as I run and pisses me off. Anyways, run was tough and then I ended up taking Sunday off to rest my foot.

So instead, my brother and some friends watched some Georgetown basketball at Madison Square Garden followed by some GIANTS football  playoff wins! It was a great day of beer, cheese fried things, and great company.

Today I ran a few miles with a friend who is just starting to run. He wasn’t super excited about the freezing temperatures but played along nicely. It was exciting to watch someone start running, even if he doesn’t harbor quite the same love for it as I do.  I made it up to him with some brunch. See everyone should run with me because then we go eat brunch! Who doesn’t love brunch??

Kelsey likes brunch. Thumbs up for brunch!

Anywho, its time for the real week to begin. this week includes: Running! And a half marathon. And hopefully the feeling returning to my feet! And office happy hour! And YOGA. and hopefully some snacks. everything is better with snacks.

Happy MLK day everyone! I hope the weekends were great and everyone is ready for the week!!

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3 Responses to The Weather Outside is Frightful

  1. Christine says:

    nice job getting out in the cold! it is so SO hard…..

  2. Kelsey says:

    that picture is literally not related to anything, ya goof. Kelsey also loves grand pianos and slightly creepy hotels. and Georgia. obvi.

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