Happy President’s Day!

There are few things I like more in life then a three day weekend. It makes the weekend feel exponentially longer and even if I don’t do anything (its one pm and I’m still in my pajamas) it feels like quite a luxury. Plus then I only have four days next week. And then NAPA is coming!! Wohooo. Big days!

Anyways at a request from Kelsey I’m going to do a review of some new gear I’ve acquired. I didn’t get any of it for free. obviously. Three people read my blog why would anyone give me anything for free? (Though Chobani if you want to give me some free yogurt I’d be all about it… I eat an absurd amount of yogurt).

On occasion I like to run home from work. Depending on if I go the nice west side its 10 miles or the sketchy -i – better-run-fast-so-i-don’t-die east side its 8 miles. Now usually i leave my clothes at work and bring them home the next day which is a little bit annoying if it is clothes I like or a Friday or whatever. So enter the commuting backpack!

Nike Cheyenne Vapor Running Backpack!

This bag is a pretty decent one for commuting. Its not too small but not huge, lots of straps to keep it from bouncing and a pretty cool rain cover which works actually quite well (Which i know because of the three times I have used it since getting it it has rained ALL THREE TIMES. Great planning Em). It has lots of pockets and a spot for a laptop though I think running with a computer would be miserable. No thank you. I am not going to lie, a large portion of the reason I bought this was because I wanted to bring my books home from work so I didn’t have to miss a day of reading on the subway. NERD ALERT. Pretty successful i’d say. And a cool bottom pocket for shoes which would be nice in the summer when you don’t wear your sneakers to work because you don’t own rain boots. Oh just me? Anyways I got it from http://www.runningwarehouse.com so FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING! And it was live strong so on sale. Winner. I’d give it 3.5 out of five stars.

Lululemon Run Swiftly Long Sleeve Tech Tee

So this was a Christmas gift from a very nice boy (surprising no one i’m sure). As much as I sometimes want to slap the girls totally decked out in lulu running around the park I’ve got to say Lulu knows what they are doing. I LOVE THIS SHIRT. It is long sleeve with thumbholes (I WILL WEAR ANYTHING WITH THUMB HOLES AND BE QUITE HAPPY) and its long. I’d say I have an average length torso but perhaps because of the silly way I run things tend to ride up and then its like hello world there is my stomach. So its nice that its long and doesn’t ever ride up. And the sleeves are good and long. And it keeps me warm. If it wasn’t $68 I would buy a million more in a million colors and wear them to work. As it is I have one. which i try to save for long runs. I’d highly recommend. 5 out of 5 stars. (not just saying that because it was a gift).

Nike pullover hoodie

Finally I got this hoodie thing for “Christmas.” Aka my mom bought it in November when we stopped at the Nike Outlet after the marathon and then wrapped it up and put it under the tree.  Mine is sort of a pink or magenta ish color. My mother said i have too much black and grey clothing. So pink i got. It has no thumb holes but little hand coverings. Which is nice and the thing has a sort of weird but pretty great fleece lining which is fleece but not gross. Sometimes I am not pro fleece because it gets all sweaty and kind of gross but this one doesn’t. So success. I’m a big fan particularly for cold morning runs when i’d rather stay cozy in bed. I’d give this 4.5 stars.

So there are my new running gadgets. I’m liking them. I have more running stuff then I have regular clothing. Point of pride i say. Okay that is all.  I’ll be back! Promise….


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I’m Alive!

I’m alive, I’m alive! i can’t believe its been three weeks since I posted. Well after that run, I wasn’t super excited about running or talking about running or doing much else besides you know, sitting. And eating. Ideally eating cheese.  Which I have done a lot of  in the past three weeks. I’ve been running but they have all been a bit bla.

HOWEVER, I did do some straining with my partner in crime! We hit up Rogue Female Fitness and KiwiSweat ‘s workout and wine night. It was a success. I was sore for days. SCORE. What more could you want in life? The food was delicious too. Mmm herbed popcorn and mushroom sliders. I like.

That photo is big. Oh well. And stolen from Christy.

So that was good.

And I made some Vegetable Nachos! Mhm. Chips and cheese and whatever vegetables are about to go bad. Heat up. Eat.  Chef boy r dee right here.

Cheese-ey broccoli-ey goodness

Cheese-ey broccoli-ey goodness

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Manhattan Half! Otherwise known as a run in the Frozen Tundra!

Helllo!!! Did everyone enjoy their precipitation filled weekend? We got snow in New York, I can see it poring during the Giants game in San Fran! But snow or no snow, the race must go on! I had signed up for the Manhattan half despite reports of frozen conditions last year. I’m doing the NYRR 9+1 program and I figured this would be a good way to get a race in and access my fitness for Napa. Well as i’ve said before, i’ve had trouble getting real motivated for Napa training (though i’m plenty motivated for the sparkle wearing wine drinking party) so I decided to bag the idea of a speedy PR and add on miles instead. Good decision.

Not my photo, Pretty snow in Central Park though

When I work up on Saturday morning (after a DELICIOUS dinner at Westville which included CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE), I was tired and cold. And the streets were covered in snow. I checked nyrr website which said the run would take place but given the conditions it would be a fun run. I thought about bagging it particularly since we would get 9+1 credit without running it but I paid for it and I needed to get the miles in anyways so I dragged myself out of bed, put on my new SPARKLE skirt (did not take pictures whoops), and lots of clothing, ran a slow 5 miles to warm up, realized my calves were going to die running on the soft snow, and showed up at the start line. They did away with corrals for the Fun Run so i started right up at the front and managed to see my friend Lori! We started running and I tried to run a tempo pace but that didn’t really last so long. My calves and quads were SCREAMING and I felt like every step was two steps forward one step back. Everyone was friendly and chit chatting as they ran which was nice. I settled into a pace that was slow. And painful. I dropped my sports beans trying to get them open. In happier news, I was glad I ran. It was a good workout and I got all 18 miles in and felt justified doing not much else on our cold saturday. Today I’m still feeling it, with some soreness in my legs but I made it through a slow easy recovery run today. My skirt rocked and I got a lot of complements!


Also, I’ve got to say a big thanks to the volunteers!!! What they lacked in numbers they made up in spirt! I am not sure I would have been excited about standing in the snowy cold handing out water. At least I was moving around and had a chance at staying warm!! But those that came out were friendly and cheering and bouncing around for the thousands of crazy nuts that came out in the snow! All in all, tough race but I’m glad I did it!!

1/9 for NYCM 2013!

Kiddos in the snow!

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The Weather Outside is Frightful

And inside my apartment is the same. Why is the heat not on in here? I don’t get it. Its freeeeeezzzzzinnnnggg

This is not outside or my apartment. But does look cold

This weekend was a bit of a bust running wise but a success life wise! So we will take what we can get and call it a win. Right? I did a long run on Saturday that I cut down to 16 because I’ve been having a bit of foot issues. The best part of the run was running into Christy and knocking off several miles with her. Miles always go by faster with friends! The worst part was feeling draggy on the run and my stupid running belt.

My belt is not pink

I This isn’t exactly mine but its similar. I got it as a Secret Santa gift which was SO thoughtful. But it hates me. It bounces up and down as I run and pisses me off. Anyways, run was tough and then I ended up taking Sunday off to rest my foot.

So instead, my brother and some friends watched some Georgetown basketball at Madison Square Garden followed by some GIANTS football  playoff wins! It was a great day of beer, cheese fried things, and great company.

Today I ran a few miles with a friend who is just starting to run. He wasn’t super excited about the freezing temperatures but played along nicely. It was exciting to watch someone start running, even if he doesn’t harbor quite the same love for it as I do.  I made it up to him with some brunch. See everyone should run with me because then we go eat brunch! Who doesn’t love brunch??

Kelsey likes brunch. Thumbs up for brunch!

Anywho, its time for the real week to begin. this week includes: Running! And a half marathon. And hopefully the feeling returning to my feet! And office happy hour! And YOGA. and hopefully some snacks. everything is better with snacks.

Happy MLK day everyone! I hope the weekends were great and everyone is ready for the week!!

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Wednesday Wednesday

HOW is it only WEDNESDAY? Does anyone else feel like this is the longest week ever? I don’t know if its cause its the first full work week of the year or cause my boss has been out but regardless its been a really long week. I’m tired. Anyways done complaining.

This week I’ve been trying to get into the swing of marathon training. With Napa only two months away (uh less actually….eeek) its time to get into the core of training. So I did a 17 two weekends ago and a 20 this weekend. You can cover a lot of NYC in twenty miles in case you were wondering.

its 20 miles if you run on the path and never take the tangent. Ever. And sometimes have to turn around cause the East Side path SUCKS

Don’t worry, i didnt start at my address. mostly cause I was too lazy. I live in Manhattan SURPRISE! Anyways, the runs have been going decent. Not amazing, not horrible. I’m having some odd foot pain that i’m trying to ignore (yes really i should be a doctor). But today I ran a lovely ten miles home from work. Its always a little creepy running at night because its a little bit deserted but the city looks so beautiful. I’ve said it before, I really do love new york, but sometimes when its cold or the subway sucks or i’m irritated with something, I sort of forget. I think losing my college three week vacation to a short three days off of work didn’t really help. But at any rate, tonight the city was beautiful, the legs were decent, all in all pretty good. until about mile 8 when I have to cut off of the westside highway through riverside park. I kind of hate this part because there are no lights in the park. But i start cutting off the path and this man is standing there with his scruffy looking dog. Now I admit, I don’t like dogs. I’m sorry i know everyone does. Everyone in my family is allergic so we never had one and i’ve never really understood how you have a life and a dog. I like cute dog pictures. But not the real things jumping on me and biting me. So anyway, I asked the owner to hold the dog and he goes “oh he’s fine”. He was not fine, he came over and started jumping on me. I was not happy. The owner then goes “Why don’t you like dogs, they will protect you more then humans. Your mother did not raise you right”  Uh I’m sorry sir my mother did not raise me right because I don’t like dogs? I went to a great college, I have a full time job, I try and be nice to people. Who do you think you are judging me? And why the heck would you feel the need to blame my mother?

Anyways, rant over. I made it home. Good run none the less. And then I ate some English muffin pizza and Brussel sprouts. Yummy.

One of my New Year’s goals was to cross train more. Or at all. I’m happy to report that I have! TWICE!!! Christy has been very amicable as a partner in cross training crime! We have hit up both soulcycle and pilates at Athleta!

Soul Cycle: All in all I thought it was good. i don’t think we had the best instructor because her music sort of sucked but my god were here abs beautiful. If joining soul cycle would give me those abs I would. I would find that money. I felt like it was a decent workout but I’m not sure if indoor cycling is for me. I managed to get bruises all up and down my legs. How? not sure. Super uncoordinated = Emily. But I can see how it could be really fun. I would like to try it again but it is NOT cheap. NOT CHEAP. I probably wouldn’t go without a friend but if someone wanted to try I’d be up for the challenge.

Pilates: If you thought I sucked at cycling just wait till you see me do pilates. I’m sure Christy enjoyed the instructor adjusting me every ten minutes. Every time she said “feel the difference” I was like “yea…sure…nope…” But the instructor was super nice and the class was fun. And my abs were just a did bit sore after. I would prefer “EECK I CAN BARELY MOVE SORE” but I’ll take what I can get. But the best part? it was free. I like.

Wohoo. That was fun. Who wants to try some cross training with me? What should I try next? flywheel? barre? (hahahaha) what should it be?

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Back in Swing!

So as you can tell, I’m so much better at updating the blog when I’m sitting on my couch all day then when I’m back at work. But none the less, the holiday season is coming to a crashing halt and its time for 2012, new goals, new marathons. Wanna hear about it? In no particular order, lets go!

1. Chill out a tiny bit. My mother, my friends, Kelsey, ex boyfriends, dates, my boss, my gosh the number of people that tell me to chill is actually impressive. And thats just this week!! While I am generally a fairly high strong person and it generally works out ok since I’m pretty dedicated and committed but true, sometimes I just need to relax a bit. I’ll try people. I’ll try.

2. Say yes more: You know when you were younger and the moto was “Just say no”? Well thats all well and good when people are selling you drugs or whatever that moto was for but when they are asking you to do fun things like dinner or exploring and you’re saying no cause its expensive or you’d rather sit on your couch, thats probably not the best. So while I’m not going to say yes to every happy hour (uh not good for my waist OR my wallet) and some friday nights are gonna have to be kind of quiet if I’m going to train at all, I WILL do more things. I’m 22 and living in New York City when else am I going to have these opportunties?!

3. Have FUN in Napa. Kelsey and I are running the Napa Valley Marathon. at what point this was going to be my BQ race. But my training has been a little lack luster so I’m changing my focus. As Kelsey said, I’m not going to be very fun if I’m stressing about running a 3:35. So instead my focus is going to be on rocking sparkly skirts, drinking lots of wine, and hanging out with these amazing gals.

U for Uganda. cause we are clever and cute like that

4. Some little things like Xtrain more (by more I mean ever), wear heels to work (really once would be an accomplishment), see a few broadway shows (I’ve seen two – Anything Goes and Billy Elliot, both good), and some others.

All in all I have high hopes for this year. But now I’m going to call it a night. I’ll update soon since I both WENT TO SOUL CYCLE and SAW NEW YEAR’s EVE. (sidenote Zach Efron is going crazy with all the films. Look at him!!)

Happy New Year!!! Again. On the 7th. And this bitch on chopped is super irritating. that’s all.

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Its a brand new day!!!

So as you are undoubtedly aware, it is New Year’s Eve! Which means 2012 is just a few hours away! While I still have no concrete plans for tonight (argh. I am super lame in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.)

2011 has been pretty good:

I ran a shit tastic marathon in GA:

This race might possibly be the worst 4.5 hours of my life. NEVER DO IT!

I drank a lot of wine with some of my favorite people!

ASB Senior Year Reunion!

I went to Ireland!


I saw Stephen Colbert!

Stephen Colbert and Morty. Sweet!

I graduated from Northwestern!!!

Look its a lot of purple!!!

I moved to New York!

I didn't take this. But its pretty?

I started a new job!

Work friends!

I hung out with my family

My cousin Mikey is pretty adorable isn't he?

I kicked some ass in Savannah with a 3:48 marathon PR!

Kelsey and I. I miss her!

I ran the Brooklyn Marathon! in 4:09. And they sent me my shirt!


I made lots of new friends, stayed in touch with a lot of old ones, had some New York visitors, ran a shit ton of races and quite a few miles, did some great NYC exploring, ate a lot of fro yo, moved into a new apartment with a great new roommate and did tons of other things! It certainly wasn’t perfect but looking back it was pretty good. For 2012 I’ve got some races on the horizon, some travels in mind, some PRs to shoot for and lots of other goals, some i’ll share, some i’ll just keep to myself. A post on that will come soon but for now, Happy New Year’s Eve. I’ve got a long run to do this weekend and I suppose I should do some celebrating tonight! Have a great night, Be smart, Have fun.

P.S. In the process of writing this post I brushed my hair, put on some make up and some sparkly hair clips. I tried to take a picture but I looked possessed in all of them so maybe i’ll take some tonight.

Happy New Year!!!





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