Happy President’s Day!

There are few things I like more in life then a three day weekend. It makes the weekend feel exponentially longer and even if I don’t do anything (its one pm and I’m still in my pajamas) it feels like quite a luxury. Plus then I only have four days next week. And then NAPA is coming!! Wohooo. Big days!

Anyways at a request from Kelsey I’m going to do a review of some new gear I’ve acquired. I didn’t get any of it for free. obviously. Three people read my blog why would anyone give me anything for free? (Though Chobani if you want to give me some free yogurt I’d be all about it… I eat an absurd amount of yogurt).

On occasion I like to run home from work. Depending on if I go the nice west side its 10 miles or the sketchy -i – better-run-fast-so-i-don’t-die east side its 8 miles. Now usually i leave my clothes at work and bring them home the next day which is a little bit annoying if it is clothes I like or a Friday or whatever. So enter the commuting backpack!

Nike Cheyenne Vapor Running Backpack!

This bag is a pretty decent one for commuting. Its not too small but not huge, lots of straps to keep it from bouncing and a pretty cool rain cover which works actually quite well (Which i know because of the three times I have used it since getting it it has rained ALL THREE TIMES. Great planning Em). It has lots of pockets and a spot for a laptop though I think running with a computer would be miserable. No thank you. I am not going to lie, a large portion of the reason I bought this was because I wanted to bring my books home from work so I didn’t have to miss a day of reading on the subway. NERD ALERT. Pretty successful i’d say. And a cool bottom pocket for shoes which would be nice in the summer when you don’t wear your sneakers to work because you don’t own rain boots. Oh just me? Anyways I got it from http://www.runningwarehouse.com so FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING! And it was live strong so on sale. Winner. I’d give it 3.5 out of five stars.

Lululemon Run Swiftly Long Sleeve Tech Tee

So this was a Christmas gift from a very nice boy (surprising no one i’m sure). As much as I sometimes want to slap the girls totally decked out in lulu running around the park I’ve got to say Lulu knows what they are doing. I LOVE THIS SHIRT. It is long sleeve with thumbholes (I WILL WEAR ANYTHING WITH THUMB HOLES AND BE QUITE HAPPY) and its long. I’d say I have an average length torso but perhaps because of the silly way I run things tend to ride up and then its like hello world there is my stomach. So its nice that its long and doesn’t ever ride up. And the sleeves are good and long. And it keeps me warm. If it wasn’t $68 I would buy a million more in a million colors and wear them to work. As it is I have one. which i try to save for long runs. I’d highly recommend. 5 out of 5 stars. (not just saying that because it was a gift).

Nike pullover hoodie

Finally I got this hoodie thing for “Christmas.” Aka my mom bought it in November when we stopped at the Nike Outlet after the marathon and then wrapped it up and put it under the tree.  Mine is sort of a pink or magenta ish color. My mother said i have too much black and grey clothing. So pink i got. It has no thumb holes but little hand coverings. Which is nice and the thing has a sort of weird but pretty great fleece lining which is fleece but not gross. Sometimes I am not pro fleece because it gets all sweaty and kind of gross but this one doesn’t. So success. I’m a big fan particularly for cold morning runs when i’d rather stay cozy in bed. I’d give this 4.5 stars.

So there are my new running gadgets. I’m liking them. I have more running stuff then I have regular clothing. Point of pride i say. Okay that is all.  I’ll be back! Promise….


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