Wednesday Wednesday

HOW is it only WEDNESDAY? Does anyone else feel like this is the longest week ever? I don’t know if its cause its the first full work week of the year or cause my boss has been out but regardless its been a really long week. I’m tired. Anyways done complaining.

This week I’ve been trying to get into the swing of marathon training. With Napa only two months away (uh less actually….eeek) its time to get into the core of training. So I did a 17 two weekends ago and a 20 this weekend. You can cover a lot of NYC in twenty miles in case you were wondering.

its 20 miles if you run on the path and never take the tangent. Ever. And sometimes have to turn around cause the East Side path SUCKS

Don’t worry, i didnt start at my address. mostly cause I was too lazy. I live in Manhattan SURPRISE! Anyways, the runs have been going decent. Not amazing, not horrible. I’m having some odd foot pain that i’m trying to ignore (yes really i should be a doctor). But today I ran a lovely ten miles home from work. Its always a little creepy running at night because its a little bit deserted but the city looks so beautiful. I’ve said it before, I really do love new york, but sometimes when its cold or the subway sucks or i’m irritated with something, I sort of forget. I think losing my college three week vacation to a short three days off of work didn’t really help. But at any rate, tonight the city was beautiful, the legs were decent, all in all pretty good. until about mile 8 when I have to cut off of the westside highway through riverside park. I kind of hate this part because there are no lights in the park. But i start cutting off the path and this man is standing there with his scruffy looking dog. Now I admit, I don’t like dogs. I’m sorry i know everyone does. Everyone in my family is allergic so we never had one and i’ve never really understood how you have a life and a dog. I like cute dog pictures. But not the real things jumping on me and biting me. So anyway, I asked the owner to hold the dog and he goes “oh he’s fine”. He was not fine, he came over and started jumping on me. I was not happy. The owner then goes “Why don’t you like dogs, they will protect you more then humans. Your mother did not raise you right”  Uh I’m sorry sir my mother did not raise me right because I don’t like dogs? I went to a great college, I have a full time job, I try and be nice to people. Who do you think you are judging me? And why the heck would you feel the need to blame my mother?

Anyways, rant over. I made it home. Good run none the less. And then I ate some English muffin pizza and Brussel sprouts. Yummy.

One of my New Year’s goals was to cross train more. Or at all. I’m happy to report that I have! TWICE!!! Christy has been very amicable as a partner in cross training crime! We have hit up both soulcycle and pilates at Athleta!

Soul Cycle: All in all I thought it was good. i don’t think we had the best instructor because her music sort of sucked but my god were here abs beautiful. If joining soul cycle would give me those abs I would. I would find that money. I felt like it was a decent workout but I’m not sure if indoor cycling is for me. I managed to get bruises all up and down my legs. How? not sure. Super uncoordinated = Emily. But I can see how it could be really fun. I would like to try it again but it is NOT cheap. NOT CHEAP. I probably wouldn’t go without a friend but if someone wanted to try I’d be up for the challenge.

Pilates: If you thought I sucked at cycling just wait till you see me do pilates. I’m sure Christy enjoyed the instructor adjusting me every ten minutes. Every time she said “feel the difference” I was like “yea…sure…nope…” But the instructor was super nice and the class was fun. And my abs were just a did bit sore after. I would prefer “EECK I CAN BARELY MOVE SORE” but I’ll take what I can get. But the best part? it was free. I like.

Wohoo. That was fun. Who wants to try some cross training with me? What should I try next? flywheel? barre? (hahahaha) what should it be?

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2 Responses to Wednesday Wednesday

  1. Christy says:

    Yay for cross-training! That man with the dog? What an ass! I agree about pilates…I think it was a little too beginner to really feel a difference but I like the price so I’d go back! Even did some side lying leg lifts this morning!

  2. Christine says:

    wow nice job on the long runs! you will do amazing in napa!

    ugh to the guy with the dog. #craziesinnyc.

    soooooo jealous of all the cross training you and christy are doing together! wah, miss you ladies.

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