I’m Alive!

I’m alive, I’m alive! i can’t believe its been three weeks since I posted. Well after that run, I wasn’t super excited about running or talking about running or doing much else besides you know, sitting. And eating. Ideally eating cheese.  Which I have done a lot of  in the past three weeks. I’ve been running but they have all been a bit bla.

HOWEVER, I did do some straining with my partner in crime! We hit up Rogue Female Fitness and KiwiSweat ‘s workout and wine night. It was a success. I was sore for days. SCORE. What more could you want in life? The food was delicious too. Mmm herbed popcorn and mushroom sliders. I like.

That photo is big. Oh well. And stolen from Christy.

So that was good.

And I made some Vegetable Nachos! Mhm. Chips and cheese and whatever vegetables are about to go bad. Heat up. Eat.  Chef boy r dee right here.

Cheese-ey broccoli-ey goodness

Cheese-ey broccoli-ey goodness

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