Merry Christmas!!!

You know whats more fun then recapping a shitty race? Recapping a delightful holiday!!! I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas!

I got to Atlanta (where my parents live) at about 1 on Christmas eve, surprisingly on time and my lovely mom picked me up from the airport despite my dads suggestion that I take MARTA – the good for nothing public transportation system in Atlanta. We drove home, stopping at the grocery store so I could buy tons of food for the three days I’m here. I get hungry okay.

We went to church, I yelled at the priest (not IN mass thank you very much.), I fumed for a little while (the priest decided Christmas eve would be a good time to put down people of EVERY other faith. Really? is that necessary? Reasons why I don’t go to church), and then we had our traditional Christmas eve dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. I don’t think its any coincidence that Christmas eve and race day eve dinners are the same in my household. Good child raising parents, I know you always want us to be little speedy children.

It rained ALL day on Christmas, dampening my plans to do a long run. I settled for a short run, we visited some family friends, and saw my friend Anna who is 8.5 months pregnant!

Look how pretty!!!

Anna looked great and her baby boy Aiden is going to be born soon! After some delicious biscuits with Anna and her family we returned home to open presents. At noon. A far cry from the 5am when we were kids.

Santa was very generous this year as were my parents. My mom still insists on writing from Santa on half of my presents even though she makes no attempt to disguise the handwriting. When I was little and left cookies out for Santa I’d always get a note back from him. I once mentioned that Santa’s handwriting looked a lot like my dad’s (TERRIBLE, its illegible, my dad had to read these notes to us) and my mom tried (successfully at the time) to tell me that that was how all boys handwriting looked. Sterotyping much?

But there was a Lulu Jacket (so pretty – my mother was confused about why I needed to spend so much money to run in) and more athletic clothing, I sport all the brands, lulu athletea, Nike, I got them all. Strangely some goldfish and trader Joes gift card!! And lots of kitchen towels. Apparently my family thinks Kim and I don’t clean our apartment very often

Kim, Tyra and I. At 16 Handles. Obviously

My parents took naps while I lamented having no one to play with and no new toys. Lulu jackets are great but its not new play dough or an easy bake oven (the presents of choice as a child). Next year though there will be a new baby!!! My brother and sister in law are having a baby!! So many babies. Its very exciting.

Sean and Emily in Ireland this past summer. before she was pregnant. Hence the beer

My sister in laws name is also Emily in case you were confused.  Last night I waited around for Sean and Emily to arrive in Atlanta so the three of us could meet my parents in Hilton Head South Carolina. We’ve been coming here since i was really little so even though this year is a shortened trip we still made it down. We drove down late and finally arrive around 1am this morning.

Today I ran. “ran”. It was my first long run of this training cycle and to say it took me forever would be the understatement of the century. I think i covered the entire island. Dear lord it was painful. But this morning there were more presents to be had! My parents were incredibly generous and apparently have been listening to me complain about how I can’t afford New York at all and gave me a little bit of money to “do something fun”. I got a lecture on how this money is “NOT FOR SAVING” but for “exploring”. I asked if the NYC Marathon counted as exploring and my dad begrudging agreed I could put it towards that. So wohooo!!! As you probably know, NYRR raised the prize of the marathon. i’ll discuss my thoughts on that later but the new price of $227 (including the processing fee) was quite terrifying to me. SO THANKS MOM AND DAD! i’ll be signing up for that lottery.

All in all it was a great Christmas. I have the most wonderful parents and siblings a girl could ask for and even if I sometimes get a little lonely around the holiday since I don’t have a built in friend its still pretty great.

Thanks mom. Also for taking me to Savannah for the marathon. And buying me that Chicago shirt. I'm wearing it in the picture and also in real life. Its my favorite.

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Jingle Jog!

So I’m on my way! I have 30 free minutes of in air internet. Thanks ebay! I thought i’d use this free time to do a quick recap of my last couple of races. Apparently I decided December would be a good month to race in since this is the first weekend I’m not racing. And who races on Christmas? No one in the south. So i started it off with the hot chocolate 15K which as you know as a disaster. Then I did the NYRR Jingle Jog!! I tried to convince some friends to do it and while I was successful in some aspects (THANKS BETTE and Brian. And Jess I think?) I was not successful in others. Something about a lingering heal issue?

The Jingle Jog was in Prospect Park. I have run in Prospect Park a lot this year. With varying success. So i was not thrilled about waking up early to truck down to Brooklyn. The main issue is the distance. It takes me about an hour to get to the Park, taking the 4/5 to the Q and I have a disdain for letter trains. They suck.

See 123456? I like. Letters? Not so much. Pretty though. The picture not the actual subway. Those are usually dirty.

But I made it and said Hi to Bette and Brian before going off to my corral. NYRR still has me in a sucky corral since the only races I have run with them have been very long. (18 Mile Tune Up Anyone?). I decked myself out in Marathon gear lest anyone think I couldn’t handle the 6K. Yea 6K. WTF? The race was fine. 30:00 exactly. Not fast. Not horrifically slow. just kind of meh. There were bagels afterwards. Green and Red. Kind of freaked me out but they tasted okay.

Red Apple, Green Bagel. On Point with the Holiday Theme

Then i went home. Boring Morning. But then that afternoon I went to the Brooklyn Brewery! While it was no Nile Brewery it was pretty good.

I didn't take pictures in Brooklyn. This isn't from the Nile Brewery in Jinja either but its a delightful photo of Kelsey, Matt and I sunburned and drinking crest. Also quite dirty.

Then Kim and I went to a party with some Northwestern theatre people. It was like the Ridge and Noyes parties of freshman year (that i wasn’t cool enough to go to) came to NYC. Good times. I have a very lovely photo of Kim doing a shot that I could put here but we live together so I’ll avoid pissing her off. today.

So the moral of the story is the run was blah but the day was good. Also i’m behind in blogging. But getting caught up quickly??

Merry Chirstmas Eve! Safe travels to everyone and thank your pilots, cab drivers, public transportation employees, and anyone else working this weekend so you can be with your family or friends. Like SusanTHANKS EVERYONE!

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5 Free Days!

As of 5 o clock tonight I have five free days off of work! A far cry from the two and three week vacations of college but nothing to sneeze out. I’m off  tomorrow for Atlanta followed by Hilton Head with my family for a quick trip. Family vacations with my family include lots of activity. I definitely got my love of sweating from my dad. The man who has been running marathons since before I was born (though let’s all remember that I kicked his butt in my debut marathon in Chicago 2010) and bikes literally 50 miles on an “easy” weekend doesn’t quite understand the concept of a relaxing vacation. But I’ve got to say I’m looking forward to some beach biking, a long run, some shopping and plenty of stuffing my face. I really hope there will be ice cream but my mother for some reason thinks that because i like quinoa and spinach I can’t also eat ice cream and biscuits. I requested biscuits for Christmas morning and she says “but those aren’t healthy”. Uh mom carbs and you know butter. Goes nicely with the eggs and cheese I plan on putting between those biscuits. And if I can wash it down with some chocolate chip pancakes that sounds like quite the Christmas brunch.

At any rate, I bet you are excited to hear about my plans post the next five days of eating, sleeping, and working out. Well surprising no one I’m sure, drum roll please, ANOTHER MARATHON! Wohoo. Now in my post Savannah PR glow I thought to myself “oh yes I’m going to BQ”. A very kind friend informed me that my 3:48 only required me to shave off 30 seconds per mile!

Only 30 seconds my a$$

Yea, hes not a runner. But though I definitely think a BQ time is within reach, I’ve had quite a tough time getting back into running after Savannah and Brooklyn. I want to run because I enjoy it not because I’m tormenting myself trying to get some arbitrary time. Do I want a Boston jacket? Yes for sure. Do I want to run up heartbreak hill and finish with a beer with all my PIH friends? Duh. But does it have to be this year? No. So while Boston is definitely a goal, I’m not going to freak out if it doesn’t happen in the next marathon. BUT I’m pretty excited for the next one Boston or no Boston! Kelsey and I are taking on:

NAPA Valley it is!!!

The course is advertised as having great swag, post race showers, a down hill course and best of all is located in the heart of wine country.

Just in case anyone forgot what Kelsey looks like. She has her photos blocked so i couldn't find any of the many adorable photos of the two of us. So here is her and her brother at the GA marathon.

And, while no one could top my mom as a cheerleader, I’m pretty excited for the cheer squad headed by Anna! Anna was my very first college friend; we met at Northwestern going on our pre wildcat welcoming trip when we were both lost and terrified and have been friends ever since. I’m sad I don’t get to see her as much now but excited for a weekend of cheerleading and wine drinking!

Baby Anna and Emily! Thank you Facebook for this gem

Grown up. ish.

So while the running might be a bit meh, the weekend is going to be great. And I’m looking forward to getting back into the running. This week has been actually pretty good running wise. So heres to lots of running and a Fantastic marathon with two of my very favorite people!!!!

And now I’m going to return to my packing, tv watching, and Christmas eve eve celebrating! Happy Holidays!! Any NYC girls (or guys??) interested in some winter running? The longer the better.

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Cookies, Ice Skating, and ALMOST VACATION!

Let me be the six thousandth person to say “I can’t believe its Christmas already!!” With New York being in the 60s and getting a lovely ONE day off from work and with my family still being far away I just don’t really feel in the Christmas spirit. I’ve done most of my shopping (presents are limited this year cause some of us are broke broke broke) but i’m just not psyched. I’m excited to go home and I’m taking a couple of extra days off of work and I’ve already gotten some cool presents (hello beautiful lulu shirt. Oh yes and thanks office for that nice kindle. I’ll try and figure out how to use it) but i’m just not feeling it.

But at any rate it IS Christmas time so lets get in the holiday spirit shall we?

I had a fantastic run tonight. It was dark. Yes. But I ran in shorts and the park was pretty crowded for 9 o’clock and I did a nice progression run that was one of my longest since the marathon(s). So WINNER!

A very sweet neighbor brought over cookies. Yum. I ate them all. Sorry Kim I didn’t want to make you eat stale cookies so I took one for the team. And then I put extra icing on them. And continued to eat the icing.

Ice skating!!! I went ice skating to celebrate Chrismukah with some friends. It was lovely. I suck at ice skating. but no one seemed to mind lapping me and I greeted them from my slowly revolving spot on the wall. We got hot chocolate after. Mine was nutella. The others got almond, blueberry and marshmallow. Mine was the best. Duh.  It was lovely. I quite enjoyed it.

My room is a mess. but that’s okay cause i’m going to bring all my dirty clothes home. THANKS MOM for the free laundry! Bahaha. Oh the joys of suburban living.

Okay. Early to bed early to rise and then its one more sleep till home!!! (the little kids I used to baby sit for would count the days till big events in sleeps. Its cute.)

Side note. I’m watching chopped. HOW DOES SOMEONE CUT THERE HAND EVERY SINGLE EPISODE? people if you cut your hand and get blood in the food you get chopped. Duh. End of story. So don’t do it.

okay. Off to bed.

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DC and some fun holiday spirit!

Oh boy. Its been awhile. Again. Clearly i’m a bad blogger. Also my life isn’t that exciting. But anyways. I’ve decided we are not going to recap the disaster that was the DC (by which they mean awkward National Harbor in Maryland totally un reachable by Public Transportation) hot chocolate 15K (by which they mean 9.1 miles cause they were too lazy or stupid to measure out the full distance). Basically it sucked, was horrendously unorganized, was totally overpriced, and the jackets that the lovely Christine so incredibly kindly got and sent to me were mostly just cheap polyester that did not a single thing to stop the rain. So yea. Never run with ram racing. Ever. PEOPLE IN CHICAGO PAY ATTENTION! (they run a lot of chicago races).

But anyways, other then that things have been lovely. I went to DC. My fantastic amazing brother shared some hotel points so me and Christy could have a nice comfy bed to sleep in for a couple of hours before the race. We both were not terribly psyched about running and decided hanging out with her awesome friends and downing a couple of glasses of wine would be much better then nicely preparing for a race. WIN. good choice. Go Team. We went to a restaurant that was really yummy and had pasta. Clearly I should review restaurants. I bet Christy remembers the name. Then we met up with the AMAZING (this is a theme for the trip, lots of amazing bloggers and friends) Andrea who drove us to the race and then to get our way home. So that’s the hot chocolate 15K recap. Happy? I know you were all sitting at home wondering how the race went.

Anyways, since I missed thursday here are some happy things from this week:

Holiday Party: We had our firms party at Delmonico’s, an old New York restaurant. The fries were delicious, the alcohol was flowing, the company was [mostly] wonderful. good times. Some people got far too drunk. I was not one of them. Free tip to new employees: Don’t be “that guy” or “that girl”. Not cool. Though people do enjoy making fun of you. Particularly if you are normally mean. Anyways, the night was fun.

Hanukah party! as i continue the trend of accidentally confusing you as to my religion, no I’m not Jewish but I do love Hanukah!!! So my friend Anna had a party and so kindly invited me. Her mom made delicious latkes and there was goat cheese straight from a goat!! At any holiday party you will always find me next to the cheese. Unless the ice cream comes out. I’m not great at network. Delightful.

COOKIES! Tyra and I made cookies. By made cookies i mean we added eggs and butter to a package and then turned on the oven. Some of the cookies went in. Mostly the dough went into our stomachs. Ho Ho ho Merry Christmas.

Okee doke, Race reports and goals to come!

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Can i tell you how glad I am that its almost Friday? Between being exhausted from the weekend and irritated over the clusterf*ck that was the Hot Chocolate 15K and having a really grueling week at work I’m looking forward to some chill time.  Unfortunately I signed up for the Jingle Jog this weekend which would have been lovely except its in Prospect Park. Again. Let’s all remember that i ran 9 laps around that park less then a month ago. I can’t say I’m jumping to return. But luckily there were bells. I do love a solid Jingle Bell. maybe it will get me in the Christmas Spirit. But its Thursday and though I haven’t been to Happy Hour in a long long time, I’m going to think of some happy things any ways!

I went to The Meatball Shop this week! I went with a friend who had never been and this time I got the most basic thing on the menu, beef meatballs and tomato sauce. highly recommend. Last time I had gotten chicken meatballs with pesto which was good, but the beef was better. And we got dessert. Mostly the entire reason I go the this particular restaurant is for ice cream sandwiches at the end. We got coco peppermint cookie, snickerdoodle cookie and vanilla ice cream. I wanted white chocolate carmel ice cream but I was vetoed. Lame. it was still quite good though. Definitely a fan.

I’m seeing my cousins this weekend! My baby cousins Mikey and Ben are coming and we are going to some Holiday Train thing. I like trains. Mikey and ben LOVE trains. So it should be a good time. I’ll take photos and figure out how to get them on this beauty of a new computer.

I’m going to a Hannukah party on Sunday! I love me a good Hannukah party. Last year I was in Israel for Hannukah which was really fun. I ate so many donuts. Sufganiot are like jelly donuts. I’ve never actually seen them in the U.S. but in Israel around this time of the year they are everywhere. literally on street corners and bus stations by the box. And not just filled with jelly, they have chocolate and carmel and raspberry chocolate gnash and all sorts of wonderful things!


Okay that’s all i’ve got right now! I’m going to watch some West Wing. I love. Anyone having fun holiday weekend plans? Or also running the jingle jog? Want to drag me along?? thanks

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The Long Awaited Brooklyn Marathon

So I’m definitely delayed in posting this but a race recap is in order nonetheless.

A few months ago my friend Lori mentioned she was running The Brooklyn Marathon and asked if I would like to join her. Despite the fact that it was two weeks after the Savannah marathon, I thought it sounded like a pretty fun no pressure race. I thought it’d be a good chance to try negative splitting even if I ended up slow and would be nice to keep trying to push past the wall. So we signed up, I ran Savannah and then i didn’t really run much in between.

So Sunday morning arrived and I trucked all the way out to Prospect Park. Now let me just explain the course. They took the map down but it was a total of 9 (yes NINE) laps around prospect park.

See pretty huh?

Now Prospect Park is really nice but anything nine times is not so nice. Lori and I got to the race and started running. We ran the first mile together at about 8:30 or 9:00 before we split off. I made a few friends:


We chatted about running, this was their second marathon after having run Chicago this fall. I ran a nice 8 miles with them. It was lovely. Everyone kept cheering “girl power” which I found amusing. I’ve got to say the “crowds” though limited were great. Since you got to see the same people over and over (and over and over) again, everyone was really friendly. More then a few people were drinking some mimosas (and there might have been some shots going around) but everyone was psyched.

After mile 8 I went off on my own, trying to at least keep running. The hill in prospect park though small gets bigger after the 3 or 4th time you run it. I got lapped at least three times by the winners and did some of my own lapping. At about mile 14 I ran into Lori. She was not a happy camper. The array of curses that she spewed definitely amused me for a few miles.

At Mile 16 I saw a friendly face in the crowd. The ever AMAZING Anna showed up! And not only did she show up but she ran 8 whole miles with me! Thats a solid two laps around the park! She chatted and distracted me, even if our pace was pretty slow. She dropped at mile 24 to make sure she would see the finish and I took off, trying to drag the people around me towards the finish. At this point I just wanted to get out of the park.

I saw some friends at the very very end, mile 26 to be exact and excitedly motioned to come to the finish. The last .2 of the race was through a sad sad alley and i thought it would NEVER.EVER.END. But it did. and I finished! And stopped my garmin which was exceedingly helpful for helping me keep track of the distance. Though at one point i definitely got really excited that i was almost done only to realize I had miscounted a lap.

Stopping the Garmin. Nice Emily, way to look cute

4:09. Not too bad, not my slowest by any stretch and I never even felt like I was pushing too much. And weirdly I wasn’t sore at all.

Anna and my friends and I went and grabbed some brunch before fighting the weirdly not running subway home. I then proceeded to sit on a couch all afternoon until I ordered in Mashed Potatoes and Frozen Yogurt. Dinner of champions.

It was a pretty good day overall. Boring but friendly course. And I have AMAZING FRIENDS. LOVE

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