Back in Swing!

So as you can tell, I’m so much better at updating the blog when I’m sitting on my couch all day then when I’m back at work. But none the less, the holiday season is coming to a crashing halt and its time for 2012, new goals, new marathons. Wanna hear about it? In no particular order, lets go!

1. Chill out a tiny bit. My mother, my friends, Kelsey, ex boyfriends, dates, my boss, my gosh the number of people that tell me to chill is actually impressive. And thats just this week!! While I am generally a fairly high strong person and it generally works out ok since I’m pretty dedicated and committed but true, sometimes I just need to relax a bit. I’ll try people. I’ll try.

2. Say yes more: You know when you were younger and the moto was “Just say no”? Well thats all well and good when people are selling you drugs or whatever that moto was for but when they are asking you to do fun things like dinner or exploring and you’re saying no cause its expensive or you’d rather sit on your couch, thats probably not the best. So while I’m not going to say yes to every happy hour (uh not good for my waist OR my wallet) and some friday nights are gonna have to be kind of quiet if I’m going to train at all, I WILL do more things. I’m 22 and living in New York City when else am I going to have these opportunties?!

3. Have FUN in Napa. Kelsey and I are running the Napa Valley Marathon. at what point this was going to be my BQ race. But my training has been a little lack luster so I’m changing my focus. As Kelsey said, I’m not going to be very fun if I’m stressing about running a 3:35. So instead my focus is going to be on rocking sparkly skirts, drinking lots of wine, and hanging out with these amazing gals.

U for Uganda. cause we are clever and cute like that

4. Some little things like Xtrain more (by more I mean ever), wear heels to work (really once would be an accomplishment), see a few broadway shows (I’ve seen two – Anything Goes and Billy Elliot, both good), and some others.

All in all I have high hopes for this year. But now I’m going to call it a night. I’ll update soon since I both WENT TO SOUL CYCLE and SAW NEW YEAR’s EVE. (sidenote Zach Efron is going crazy with all the films. Look at him!!)

Happy New Year!!! Again. On the 7th. And this bitch on chopped is super irritating. that’s all.

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One Response to Back in Swing!

  1. Christine says:

    great goals emily!!! keep posting plz&thx. šŸ™‚

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