Its a brand new day!!!

So as you are undoubtedly aware, it is New Year’s Eve! Which means 2012 is just a few hours away! While I still have no concrete plans for tonight (argh. I am super lame in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.)

2011 has been pretty good:

I ran a shit tastic marathon in GA:

This race might possibly be the worst 4.5 hours of my life. NEVER DO IT!

I drank a lot of wine with some of my favorite people!

ASB Senior Year Reunion!

I went to Ireland!


I saw Stephen Colbert!

Stephen Colbert and Morty. Sweet!

I graduated from Northwestern!!!

Look its a lot of purple!!!

I moved to New York!

I didn't take this. But its pretty?

I started a new job!

Work friends!

I hung out with my family

My cousin Mikey is pretty adorable isn't he?

I kicked some ass in Savannah with a 3:48 marathon PR!

Kelsey and I. I miss her!

I ran the Brooklyn Marathon! in 4:09. And they sent me my shirt!


I made lots of new friends, stayed in touch with a lot of old ones, had some New York visitors, ran a shit ton of races and quite a few miles, did some great NYC exploring, ate a lot of fro yo, moved into a new apartment with a great new roommate and did tons of other things! It certainly wasn’t perfect but looking back it was pretty good. For 2012 I’ve got some races on the horizon, some travels in mind, some PRs to shoot for and lots of other goals, some i’ll share, some i’ll just keep to myself. A post on that will come soon but for now, Happy New Year’s Eve. I’ve got a long run to do this weekend and I suppose I should do some celebrating tonight! Have a great night, Be smart, Have fun.

P.S. In the process of writing this post I brushed my hair, put on some make up and some sparkly hair clips. I tried to take a picture but I looked possessed in all of them so maybe i’ll take some tonight.

Happy New Year!!!





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3 Responses to Its a brand new day!!!

  1. Christy says:

    Yay 2012! You definitely did have an awesome year! Here’s to an even better next year!

  2. runningseal says:

    Looks like a great year! let’s hang out more in 2012!

  3. Christine says:

    you had a fantastic year!!!!!! still can’t get over the back to back marathons. awesomeness.

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