Merry Christmas!!!

You know whats more fun then recapping a shitty race? Recapping a delightful holiday!!! I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas!

I got to Atlanta (where my parents live) at about 1 on Christmas eve, surprisingly on time and my lovely mom picked me up from the airport despite my dads suggestion that I take MARTA – the good for nothing public transportation system in Atlanta. We drove home, stopping at the grocery store so I could buy tons of food for the three days I’m here. I get hungry okay.

We went to church, I yelled at the priest (not IN mass thank you very much.), I fumed for a little while (the priest decided Christmas eve would be a good time to put down people of EVERY other faith. Really? is that necessary? Reasons why I don’t go to church), and then we had our traditional Christmas eve dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. I don’t think its any coincidence that Christmas eve and race day eve dinners are the same in my household. Good child raising parents, I know you always want us to be little speedy children.

It rained ALL day on Christmas, dampening my plans to do a long run. I settled for a short run, we visited some family friends, and saw my friend Anna who is 8.5 months pregnant!

Look how pretty!!!

Anna looked great and her baby boy Aiden is going to be born soon! After some delicious biscuits with Anna and her family we returned home to open presents. At noon. A far cry from the 5am when we were kids.

Santa was very generous this year as were my parents. My mom still insists on writing from Santa on half of my presents even though she makes no attempt to disguise the handwriting. When I was little and left cookies out for Santa I’d always get a note back from him. I once mentioned that Santa’s handwriting looked a lot like my dad’s (TERRIBLE, its illegible, my dad had to read these notes to us) and my mom tried (successfully at the time) to tell me that that was how all boys handwriting looked. Sterotyping much?

But there was a Lulu Jacket (so pretty – my mother was confused about why I needed to spend so much money to run in) and more athletic clothing, I sport all the brands, lulu athletea, Nike, I got them all. Strangely some goldfish and trader Joes gift card!! And lots of kitchen towels. Apparently my family thinks Kim and I don’t clean our apartment very often

Kim, Tyra and I. At 16 Handles. Obviously

My parents took naps while I lamented having no one to play with and no new toys. Lulu jackets are great but its not new play dough or an easy bake oven (the presents of choice as a child). Next year though there will be a new baby!!! My brother and sister in law are having a baby!! So many babies. Its very exciting.

Sean and Emily in Ireland this past summer. before she was pregnant. Hence the beer

My sister in laws name is also Emily in case you were confused.  Last night I waited around for Sean and Emily to arrive in Atlanta so the three of us could meet my parents in Hilton Head South Carolina. We’ve been coming here since i was really little so even though this year is a shortened trip we still made it down. We drove down late and finally arrive around 1am this morning.

Today I ran. “ran”. It was my first long run of this training cycle and to say it took me forever would be the understatement of the century. I think i covered the entire island. Dear lord it was painful. But this morning there were more presents to be had! My parents were incredibly generous and apparently have been listening to me complain about how I can’t afford New York at all and gave me a little bit of money to “do something fun”. I got a lecture on how this money is “NOT FOR SAVING” but for “exploring”. I asked if the NYC Marathon counted as exploring and my dad begrudging agreed I could put it towards that. So wohooo!!! As you probably know, NYRR raised the prize of the marathon. i’ll discuss my thoughts on that later but the new price of $227 (including the processing fee) was quite terrifying to me. SO THANKS MOM AND DAD! i’ll be signing up for that lottery.

All in all it was a great Christmas. I have the most wonderful parents and siblings a girl could ask for and even if I sometimes get a little lonely around the holiday since I don’t have a built in friend its still pretty great.

Thanks mom. Also for taking me to Savannah for the marathon. And buying me that Chicago shirt. I'm wearing it in the picture and also in real life. Its my favorite.

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