Jingle Jog!

So I’m on my way! I have 30 free minutes of in air internet. Thanks ebay! I thought i’d use this free time to do a quick recap of my last couple of races. Apparently I decided December would be a good month to race in since this is the first weekend I’m not racing. And who races on Christmas? No one in the south. So i started it off with the hot chocolate 15K which as you know as a disaster. Then I did the NYRR Jingle Jog!! I tried to convince some friends to do it and while I was successful in some aspects (THANKS BETTE and Brian. And Jess I think?) I was not successful in others. Something about a lingering heal issue?

The Jingle Jog was in Prospect Park. I have run in Prospect Park a lot this year. With varying success. So i was not thrilled about waking up early to truck down to Brooklyn. The main issue is the distance. It takes me about an hour to get to the Park, taking the 4/5 to the Q and I have a disdain for letter trains. They suck.

See 123456? I like. Letters? Not so much. Pretty though. The picture not the actual subway. Those are usually dirty.

But I made it and said Hi to Bette and Brian before going off to my corral. NYRR still has me in a sucky corral since the only races I have run with them have been very long. (18 Mile Tune Up Anyone?). I decked myself out in Marathon gear lest anyone think I couldn’t handle the 6K. Yea 6K. WTF? The race was fine. 30:00 exactly. Not fast. Not horrifically slow. just kind of meh. There were bagels afterwards. Green and Red. Kind of freaked me out but they tasted okay.

Red Apple, Green Bagel. On Point with the Holiday Theme

Then i went home. Boring Morning. But then that afternoon I went to the Brooklyn Brewery! While it was no Nile Brewery it was pretty good.

I didn't take pictures in Brooklyn. This isn't from the Nile Brewery in Jinja either but its a delightful photo of Kelsey, Matt and I sunburned and drinking crest. Also quite dirty.

Then Kim and I went to a party with some Northwestern theatre people. It was like the Ridge and Noyes parties of freshman year (that i wasn’t cool enough to go to) came to NYC. Good times. I have a very lovely photo of Kim doing a shot that I could put here but we live together so I’ll avoid pissing her off. today.

So the moral of the story is the run was blah but the day was good. Also i’m behind in blogging. But getting caught up quickly??

Merry Chirstmas Eve! Safe travels to everyone and thank your pilots, cab drivers, public transportation employees, and anyone else working this weekend so you can be with your family or friends. Like SusanTHANKS EVERYONE!

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  1. Brian was very excited that he got a shout out, haha

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