5 Free Days!

As of 5 o clock tonight I have five free days off of work! A far cry from the two and three week vacations of college but nothing to sneeze out. I’m off  tomorrow for Atlanta followed by Hilton Head with my family for a quick trip. Family vacations with my family include lots of activity. I definitely got my love of sweating from my dad. The man who has been running marathons since before I was born (though let’s all remember that I kicked his butt in my debut marathon in Chicago 2010) and bikes literally 50 miles on an “easy” weekend doesn’t quite understand the concept of a relaxing vacation. But I’ve got to say I’m looking forward to some beach biking, a long run, some shopping and plenty of stuffing my face. I really hope there will be ice cream but my mother for some reason thinks that because i like quinoa and spinach I can’t also eat ice cream and biscuits. I requested biscuits for Christmas morning and she says “but those aren’t healthy”. Uh mom carbs and you know butter. Goes nicely with the eggs and cheese I plan on putting between those biscuits. And if I can wash it down with some chocolate chip pancakes that sounds like quite the Christmas brunch.

At any rate, I bet you are excited to hear about my plans post the next five days of eating, sleeping, and working out. Well surprising no one I’m sure, drum roll please, ANOTHER MARATHON! Wohoo. Now in my post Savannah PR glow I thought to myself “oh yes I’m going to BQ”. A very kind friend informed me that my 3:48 only required me to shave off 30 seconds per mile!

Only 30 seconds my a$$

Yea, hes not a runner. But though I definitely think a BQ time is within reach, I’ve had quite a tough time getting back into running after Savannah and Brooklyn. I want to run because I enjoy it not because I’m tormenting myself trying to get some arbitrary time. Do I want a Boston jacket? Yes for sure. Do I want to run up heartbreak hill and finish with a beer with all my PIH friends? Duh. But does it have to be this year? No. So while Boston is definitely a goal, I’m not going to freak out if it doesn’t happen in the next marathon. BUT I’m pretty excited for the next one Boston or no Boston! Kelsey and I are taking on:

NAPA Valley it is!!!

The course is advertised as having great swag, post race showers, a down hill course and best of all is located in the heart of wine country.

Just in case anyone forgot what Kelsey looks like. She has her photos blocked so i couldn't find any of the many adorable photos of the two of us. So here is her and her brother at the GA marathon.

And, while no one could top my mom as a cheerleader, I’m pretty excited for the cheer squad headed by Anna! Anna was my very first college friend; we met at Northwestern going on our pre wildcat welcoming trip when we were both lost and terrified and have been friends ever since. I’m sad I don’t get to see her as much now but excited for a weekend of cheerleading and wine drinking!

Baby Anna and Emily! Thank you Facebook for this gem

Grown up. ish.

So while the running might be a bit meh, the weekend is going to be great. And I’m looking forward to getting back into the running. This week has been actually pretty good running wise. So heres to lots of running and a Fantastic marathon with two of my very favorite people!!!!

And now I’m going to return to my packing, tv watching, and Christmas eve eve celebrating! Happy Holidays!! Any NYC girls (or guys??) interested in some winter running? The longer the better.

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