Cookies, Ice Skating, and ALMOST VACATION!

Let me be the six thousandth person to say “I can’t believe its Christmas already!!” With New York being in the 60s and getting a lovely ONE day off from work and with my family still being far away I just don’t really feel in the Christmas spirit. I’ve done most of my shopping (presents are limited this year cause some of us are broke broke broke) but i’m just not psyched. I’m excited to go home and I’m taking a couple of extra days off of work and I’ve already gotten some cool presents (hello beautiful lulu shirt. Oh yes and thanks office for that nice kindle. I’ll try and figure out how to use it) but i’m just not feeling it.

But at any rate it IS Christmas time so lets get in the holiday spirit shall we?

I had a fantastic run tonight. It was dark. Yes. But I ran in shorts and the park was pretty crowded for 9 o’clock and I did a nice progression run that was one of my longest since the marathon(s). So WINNER!

A very sweet neighbor brought over cookies. Yum. I ate them all. Sorry Kim I didn’t want to make you eat stale cookies so I took one for the team. And then I put extra icing on them. And continued to eat the icing.

Ice skating!!! I went ice skating to celebrate Chrismukah with some friends. It was lovely. I suck at ice skating. but no one seemed to mind lapping me and I greeted them from my slowly revolving spot on the wall. We got hot chocolate after. Mine was nutella. The others got almond, blueberry and marshmallow. Mine was the best. Duh.  It was lovely. I quite enjoyed it.

My room is a mess. but that’s okay cause i’m going to bring all my dirty clothes home. THANKS MOM for the free laundry! Bahaha. Oh the joys of suburban living.

Okay. Early to bed early to rise and then its one more sleep till home!!! (the little kids I used to baby sit for would count the days till big events in sleeps. Its cute.)

Side note. I’m watching chopped. HOW DOES SOMEONE CUT THERE HAND EVERY SINGLE EPISODE? people if you cut your hand and get blood in the food you get chopped. Duh. End of story. So don’t do it.

okay. Off to bed.

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6 Responses to Cookies, Ice Skating, and ALMOST VACATION!

  1. Kimberly says:

    1. Your office gave you a Kindle?!
    2. Where oh where did you get those awesome hot chocolates?
    3. I AM WATCHING CHOPPED TOO. I just hooked my mom.

    • ccekg says:

      Yes they gave us a kindle! The hot chocolates are from Bryant park! $14 for skates and “free skating”, $5 for hot chocolate. Worth it. AND CHOPPED MARATHON? great thursday night.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I can’t read this there aren’t any pictures

  3. runningseal says:

    It is so weird having Christmas without snow 😦 Nutella hot chocolate sounds lovely. We must hang out soon!

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