DC and some fun holiday spirit!

Oh boy. Its been awhile. Again. Clearly i’m a bad blogger. Also my life isn’t that exciting. But anyways. I’ve decided we are not going to recap the disaster that was the DC (by which they mean awkward National Harbor in Maryland totally un reachable by Public Transportation) hot chocolate 15K (by which they mean 9.1 miles cause they were too lazy or stupid to measure out the full distance). Basically it sucked, was horrendously unorganized, was totally overpriced, and the jackets that the lovely Christine so incredibly kindly got and sent to me were mostly just cheap polyester that did not a single thing to stop the rain. So yea. Never run with ram racing. Ever. PEOPLE IN CHICAGO PAY ATTENTION! (they run a lot of chicago races).

But anyways, other then that things have been lovely. I went to DC. My fantastic amazing brother shared some hotel points so me and Christy could have a nice comfy bed to sleep in for a couple of hours before the race. We both were not terribly psyched about running and decided hanging out with her awesome friends and downing a couple of glasses of wine would be much better then nicely preparing for a race. WIN. good choice. Go Team. We went to a restaurant that was really yummy and had pasta. Clearly I should review restaurants. I bet Christy remembers the name. Then we met up with the AMAZING (this is a theme for the trip, lots of amazing bloggers and friends) Andrea who drove us to the race and then to get our way home. So that’s the hot chocolate 15K recap. Happy? I know you were all sitting at home wondering how the race went.

Anyways, since I missed thursday here are some happy things from this week:

Holiday Party: We had our firms party at Delmonico’s, an old New York restaurant. The fries were delicious, the alcohol was flowing, the company was [mostly] wonderful. good times. Some people got far too drunk. I was not one of them. Free tip to new employees: Don’t be “that guy” or “that girl”. Not cool. Though people do enjoy making fun of you. Particularly if you are normally mean. Anyways, the night was fun.

Hanukah party! as i continue the trend of accidentally confusing you as to my religion, no I’m not Jewish but I do love Hanukah!!! So my friend Anna had a party and so kindly invited me. Her mom made delicious latkes and there was goat cheese straight from a goat!! At any holiday party you will always find me next to the cheese. Unless the ice cream comes out. I’m not great at network. Delightful.

COOKIES! Tyra and I made cookies. By made cookies i mean we added eggs and butter to a package and then turned on the oven. Some of the cookies went in. Mostly the dough went into our stomachs. Ho Ho ho Merry Christmas.

Okee doke, Race reports and goals to come!

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