Can i tell you how glad I am that its almost Friday? Between being exhausted from the weekend and irritated over the clusterf*ck that was the Hot Chocolate 15K and having a really grueling week at work I’m looking forward to some chill time.  Unfortunately I signed up for the Jingle Jog this weekend which would have been lovely except its in Prospect Park. Again. Let’s all remember that i ran 9 laps around that park less then a month ago. I can’t say I’m jumping to return. But luckily there were bells. I do love a solid Jingle Bell. maybe it will get me in the Christmas Spirit. But its Thursday and though I haven’t been to Happy Hour in a long long time, I’m going to think of some happy things any ways!

I went to The Meatball Shop this week! I went with a friend who had never been and this time I got the most basic thing on the menu, beef meatballs and tomato sauce. highly recommend. Last time I had gotten chicken meatballs with pesto which was good, but the beef was better. And we got dessert. Mostly the entire reason I go the this particular restaurant is for ice cream sandwiches at the end. We got coco peppermint cookie, snickerdoodle cookie and vanilla ice cream. I wanted white chocolate carmel ice cream but I was vetoed. Lame. it was still quite good though. Definitely a fan.

I’m seeing my cousins this weekend! My baby cousins Mikey and Ben are coming and we are going to some Holiday Train thing. I like trains. Mikey and ben LOVE trains. So it should be a good time. I’ll take photos and figure out how to get them on this beauty of a new computer.

I’m going to a Hannukah party on Sunday! I love me a good Hannukah party. Last year I was in Israel for Hannukah which was really fun. I ate so many donuts. Sufganiot are like jelly donuts. I’ve never actually seen them in the U.S. but in Israel around this time of the year they are everywhere. literally on street corners and bus stations by the box. And not just filled with jelly, they have chocolate and carmel and raspberry chocolate gnash and all sorts of wonderful things!


Okay that’s all i’ve got right now! I’m going to watch some West Wing. I love. Anyone having fun holiday weekend plans? Or also running the jingle jog? Want to drag me along?? thanks

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One Response to Thursday

  1. Christy says:

    Yay! You’re back! PS: Are you Jewish?

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