Brand New Computer!

Drum roll please: I am now the proud new owner of a brand new MacBook Pro. Thank you mom and dad, as a belated college graduation gift! No more sad, Uganda eaten, dropped 15 times, battery doesn’t work computer, hello shiny silver baby. Im in love. So what does this mean? I herby promise more blog posts!

Some things to look forward to for this week:

Brooklyn Marathon Recap!: Short version – everyone was nice, I ran fineish, my foot hurts, Anna is a rock star.

Hot Chocolate Recap: Short Version: Clusterf*ck to say the least, Christy, Andrea, and Kelly rock, Chocolate is till yummy, DC is pretty sweet.

Goals?!!: Short Version: Get this girl some cross training, Friends with wisdom, races + wine, fast scary numbers

So it might take me a tiny bit to get up to speed as I’m still getting the new computer all set up but i promise blog posts to come. With super hot photos.

Oh So attractive

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