This might be really incoherent….

I don’t know if its the marathon or the day light saving times or what but I’ve just been amazingly exhausted. I haven’t had the greatest-two-week-recover-and-taper-so-that-my-next-marathon-in-brooklyn-is-awesome plan. More like “let’s try and be social since you hibernated during marathon taper and go ahead and eat alot of have some wine and maybe a cocktail or two and then fall asleep immediately and sleep through your alarm EVERY SINGLE DAY”. But whatever. I can’t possibly have lost all my fitness in two weeks right? I mean i’ve run a little. Just not like a lot. But we will see…

What did I eat you ask? Well i’ve been cooking up quite a soup storm. Butternut squash soup and tomato  soup and broccoli cheddar soup. And one night i had really delicious gnochi with a butternut sage butter pumkin sauce thing. I assume it had a better name on the menu but it was delicious. Also I ate a cupcake that was cranberry and elder flower. And there were some chocolates one of which had peanut butter in it. And an entire jar of Peanut Butter and Co peanut butter after the silly TSA people took ours in Atlanta. Uh yes. Marathon recovery and carbo loading fuel of champions.

In other news, northwestern has won a lot of football games! (By alot I mean two!)

I also have some freaking amazing friends. Work friends, college friends. random friends of friends. good times.

Kelsey and I showered after the marathon! and put on matching outfits. This is a fairly common occurrence. The matching outfits not the showering.

These people ran marathons and then threw a marathon celebration party. Good times.

I like me some marathon expo. Have I said this enough? new shirts, new stick, new water bottle! Yep I just wanted to show it off.

Check out that marathon swag

Hope everyones weekends were fun and food and beverage filled!! I will work on having a more coherent blog post. Good night….


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One Response to This might be really incoherent….

  1. Christy says:

    Umm can we please socialize soon? Daylight Saving has gotten the best of me too! Good luck this weekend!

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