Flashback- Crater Lake!

So when i was looking for pictures of Kelsey and I for this post, Kelsey reminded me that that photo was from when we were on our way for a very large hike. Kelsey and I spent a summer living and working in Namowongo Uganda. That summer was positively amazing and i could post an entire novel just on it. But for now, the hike.

We were in Uganda with a Northwestern program and we spent most of our time with 4 other NU kids. BEST PEOPLE EVER. Maddie, Matt, Ben, Kelsey and I had a fantastic summer of exploring, netballing, peanut butter eating adventures.

Team KLA '08 - Spoiler alert we made it to the top of the mountain!

At the end of the summer, we went to Rwanda for a few days of exploring. We explored the city of Kigali:

Matt is a rock star jumper. We totally brought the jumping pictures across the world.

We ate at the most adorable little cafe.

Adorable. Delicious. I am up for a good brunch anytime

We wandered around and saw all that Rwanda had to offer. It’s an amazing country and while it has quite a tumultuous and devastating past, it definitely has amazing potential for a bright future. However, the real test for us was a day long hike! We were hiking up a mountain to Crater Lake, right on the border of the DRC (Kelsey and I tried to wander into the DRC to cross another country off our list… the guards were not excited about this idea). The hike began with some worrisome signs about gorillas and danger and our group was joined by some very friendly AK-47 touting gaurds. NBD. But it was amazing and extraordinarily difficult.

Everyone!! This is halfway up. We got a lot rougher looking as the day went on...

But have no fear, we made it to the top! I’m not sure who has the photo but there is a heinously unattractive photo of me licking peanut butter out of a jar on top of this mountain. What can I say, I needed some protein and we hadn’t thought to bring spoons! (This was not uncommon. Kelsey and I convinced our entire town that American’s ate peanut butter with their fingers. Whoops)

Kelsey can balance PB on her head!

The hike was worth it though! It is still probably the most challenging hike i’ve ever done.

On the top of the mountain!

If anyone wants to come hiking with me in the NYC area, I’ve got a Zipcar account! let’s go!! i’ll bring the peanut butter and I promise to bring a spoon! I miss hiking. And Kelsey but I will see her soon!!!

Anyone else like hiking?Or want to travel back to Rwanda with me? Or Uganda, that’d be good too!

Also: IT’S MARATHON WEEK. 5 DAYS!!!! 3 Days till i fly to Atlanta!!! AND EXPO TIME!!! WOHOO


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One Response to Flashback- Crater Lake!

  1. runningseal says:

    I’d go hiking!!! The leaves must be so pretty now upstate!! 🙂

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