Weekend Round Up!

It’s Sunday night. How? I had excellent visitors this weekend, there was an impressive snow storm (for October) and my room is an utter disaster.

Isabel, Lydia and I have been friends since high school so for about 10 years now. You know your getting old when you’ve been friends with people for double digits. Isabel got married last summer and so she brought her new husband up all the way from South Carolina. They drove. New york greeted them with an early snow storm. A delightful wintery mix.

Visitors! Lyida is not psyched about the snow.

Favorite people all bundled up!

I took them on the rainy day New York tour. This means we drove through Central Park, watched the Northwestern game at Blondies (WE WON!!! SURPRISE!), did some purple shots, shopped a bit, ordered in food, and hit up Brother Jimmys, a totally frat tastic bar with Halloween themed Karoke and delicious pecan pie.

Actually funny story, we tried to go to this Irish pub but they told us our ids were fake. Now we are all 22/23, and we definitely have real ids. We also wanted some cheesecake and a beer (I wanted to cheesecake). It was very strange. I was not happy.  But anyways.

The weekend was really good. This week however, is all about rock n Roll savanah. I’m a little apprehensive about the organization after my last Rock N Roll but we will see. Either way, I’m ready to rock it. This week I’m going to sleep a lot, drink a lot of water, eat well,  run a little, and get think positively. I know I run in my head so I’ve got to make sure to stay positive!!!

Post on race goals to come!!! How did everyone else do in the snow? Or the beautiful weather elsewhere?? Also congrats to all the Marine Corp Marathoners today!! Special shout out to Christy who totally rocked MCM and got a brand new PR!!! YAY!!!!


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One Response to Weekend Round Up!

  1. Christy says:

    Thank you!!!! Glad you had a great weekend! You’re gonna be so awesome in Savannah this weekend!

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