Happy Hour!!

So once again this week flew by. Its a trend apparently. Some exciting things:

I got letters!!! Tonight Christy, Celia, and I hiked up to Michael’s to get some iron on letters for our upcoming marathons! Christy is doing Marine Corp this weekend, Celia NYCM next weekend and obviously I’m doing Savannah so it was good timing for everyone. I’m just hoping my shirt shows up in time to iron everything on!

I saw Moneyballs! I had heard good things so when a friend mentioned wanting to go, I tagged along! It was pretty good though it took me a little bit to get invested in it! And some of the baseball references went over my head. But luckily we got 16 handles afterwards so all was good! EXCEPT 16handles  DIDN’T HAVE ORIGINAL EUROTART!!! Major fail! Who wants to come rectify this situation with me???!!

I am getting excited to run. My legs are still feeling a little heavy but I’m eating lots of protein (chickpeas, trader joes chicken sausages, greek yogurt!) and cutting back the mileage ALOT so I’m going to think positive and get the details for the race all in order. My mom is excited and talking restaurants and hotels so here we go!

This is a very attractive picture of Kelsey and I being terrified of something in Uganda. The roads? The driving? The Nile? Who knows?!

Isabel and Lydia and boys are coming this weekend!! Wohoo! We are going to the Northwestern Bar to hopefully watch the Wildcats pull it together and we win. But regardless of how my Cats do, we are going to be eating and exploring. WIN!

This is Lydia and I at one of many high school dances.

Wasn't Isabel a beautiful bride?!

I’ve been at my job for 90 days! Which means that I can take vacation days!!! Hazaah. Good thing I’m taking time off for the marathon. Three day weekend here we come!

Alright let’s get the weekend started a little early!!!

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2 Responses to Happy Hour!!

  1. Kelsey says:

    we were afraid of climbing a volcano. which was totally justified. I still consider that the most difficult hike I have ever done. also, Moneyball. singular. haha

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