This training cycle included two 22 milers, one 20 miler, one 61.5 mile week, several over 50 weeks and several races including a PR. So all in all good cycle but my legs are ready for some tapering. And:

Wohooo. Savannah Rock and Roll HERE I COME!! I’m psyched for a weekend with my parents, and food, and the beach, and KELSEY!

Kelsey and i after Chicago last year! (It was really hot.)

Kelsey is my college running partner in crime and we are going to take Savanah by a storm. This is a lie. But my mom is driving us down and we are planning some wine bar hopping post marathon.

In this taper, I’m hoping to eat well, get lots of sleep, hopefully kick in some yoga and lots of stretching! We are well into the marathon induced sobriety which is good for my wallet at least. But I’m excited to see what we can do at the marathon.

So who wants to eat fro yo and go to yoga with me?! YA TAPER!! Anyone else tapering? And who is excited about the EXPO?!?!?!?! I LOVE EXPOS!!!!

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