Weekends and Races!!!

Whew. I have been bad at posting. I will be better. You watch and see. So what has happened in my life? Well not that much:

1) Last weekend I finished my last 22 miler and I met up with more cousins! Dave and Kate came to visit, we walked around Central Park a bit, checked out the boathouse (this is one my list of potential wedding locations – in you know 10 to 15 years), and went to Bobby Flay’s Restaurant!! There are no photos cause my cousins would have thought that was weird but I had crepes with asparagus and ricotta. YUM. highly recommend. We got some cupcakes and then watched Northwestern lose. Same old…

2) Then we went to the Bonx Zoo with my baby cousins (their kids). They are cute. There was candy at the zoo. thus it was fun.

Isn't he cute? This is Mikey. He kept telling us how much the butterflies liked him"

This weekend I ran. A lot. There was the Rock and Roll Brookyln 10K  (race recap to come!!) on Saturday and a 14 miler today! It was beautiful fall weather and I rocked my new marathon shirt today. Just got to pick up some iron on letters and I will be good to go!

The race was in Brooklyn so afterwards my brother, sister in law, a friend, and I went to brunch. After brunch we got PIE! There was a really cute pie shop. I had maple buttermilk pie. It was kind of like cheesecake in a pie crust. delicious.

Adorable pie shop.

I met up with some friends for a Central Park picnic! I love central park. Have I made that apparent enough? This picture is really bad. I have others on my camera but i can’t find it. Also my computer is not really happy. So you can have this.

We are so environmentally conscious. We use real bowls and everything (also we are too cheap to purchase disposable ones...)

I also went to a farmers market. I took no pictures. But my friend went to Brooklyn and wanted to look Hipster. I took a pictures. I kind of love her. Hi Anna!

she is going to be so happy i put this up.

HAPPY NEW WEEK? What’s going on? race recap will be up tomorrow. Promise.

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