Rock N Roll NY

So a few months back my brother emails me asking if I wanted to run the Rock N Roll race that was coming to New York. Because its pretty rare that I saw no to a race, I signed up.

The Good: A PR!!, Hanging out with my brother/sister in law, a beautiful fall day, pie shop

The bad: Rock N Roll, slightly dead legs, did I mention Rock N Roll??

I headed out to Brooklyn bright and early Saturday morning. Like really really early. EVERYONE on the subway was going to the race. Good times.

See its running clothing and rock and roll bags! Also its dark outside on a saturday morning. Why else would you be up?

The race was poorly organized yes. But i’ve complained about that enough. At any rate my legs were a bit cold when I started but i was in corral 1! So I wanted to see what I could do. Also whenever I’m in a big race I always get nervous cause i feel like the people behind me are literally chasing after me. Anyone else? no just me? okay i’m paranoid. Whatever.

So I took off, ran a 7:15 first mile and started to freak out a little bit. But right about mile 2 my brother showed up next to me and asked if I wanted help pacing. Yes please I said. We chatted and ran and made some friends (everyone was wishing NYRR had organized this race). It was lovely and he kept me distracted from the pace. It was for sure a wake up call to my legs that had been enjoying lots of fairly slow long miles but it was good. At the 5K mark I got excited. In high school the letter time (the time you had to run to get a letter jacket which was a big deal cause my high school had uniforms and if you wore a letter jacket you didn’t have to wear the super uncomfortable blazer) was 23:30. At the halfway point I saw 23:10. I did a jump and a fist pump and got excited. Definately the fastest i’ve run since high school. but my ephoria wore off quickly when i hit the hill again. But Sean dragged me a while and I dug deep and finished strong.

This was our high school cross country team. I LOVED cross country. LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

47:10!!! New 10K PR. not a negative split but not bad for marathon training. My legs were definitely confused about the lets run fast plan.  But it was lots of fun and though I was tired when I finished I wasn’t like “I’m going to die because i just ran 6 miles fast” tired. Which is you know good since I want to run 26.2 miles fast in LESS THEN TWO WEEKS!!!!!

I’m excited. And this weekend my friends Isabel and Lydia and their respective husband (EEKK Still getting used to that one!) and boyfriends are coming!!

Um this is a picture from a dance. Isabel is in it. And some boys. Who i haven't spoken to in years. Good times. thank you Sadie Hawkins. Isabel and I are in pink dresses. I can't remember who I went to this dance with....

Perhaps I will take a more recent picture this weekend… HAPPY MONDAY! We are one day closer to Friday, One week away from Halloween, and less then two weeks from Rock N Roll Savannah AND the NYC Marathon!!!!!!! Who is tapering? Who is getting iron on letters? Who is eating lots of pumpkin things and calling it carbo loading? (The answer to all of those questions would be a resounding ME. Particularly if there are chocolate chips in the pumpkin things)

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2 Responses to Rock N Roll NY

  1. runningseal says:

    I am getting iron on letters..with YOU!! Can’t wait for Wed 🙂

    Congrats on the PR!! You are going to kill your marathon!!

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