Happy Hour!!

This was supposed to be posted on Thursday. It is now Monday. Whoops. But i feel like everyone could use a cheer up so let’s just go with it!

So Thursday’s at my office are happy hour. We go out and have a drink or two and its very lovely (side note, I really wish this was an everyday thing. Like on a weekend why can’t we go out at 6 and be done by 11? Why must we start at 11? I like sleep people. And drink sparingly and responsibly mother). So anyways, Thursdays is going to be happy hour day. That’s as creative as I get.

So happy things!!

I ran commuted home from work again. I really like it. Its a good run, there are people out, I can sleep in that morning, and I love the west side highway but am often times to lazy to go all the way across manhattan to do it. I relize this is silly cause if I’m doing a long run, I will obvisouly cover the distance and its a hell of a lot flatter to run on the west side then incessant laps around central park but still. Its very mentally difficult. But if I start on the west side then I just have to do a quick little half loop around the resevoir and then I’m home. With minimal (read only 4 or 5 miles) of running in the dark. Winner.

I made butternut squash soup!! It was delicious. Paricularly when topped with saltine goldfish, greek yogurt, and cheese. Cause what isn’t delicious with toppings? Particularly cheese. Also I got to use my imersion blender. i am such a fancy chef. Would you like the recipe?

Orange. Yummy. And a fancy kitchen toy!



Dump cut up butternut squash into a pot with some leftover chicken broth and water if your broke and chicken broth is expensive. put spices. I use salt, pepper, and rosemary on everything. Everything. Boil for a while. dump in some leftover pumpkin cause otherwise its going to go bad. Boil some more. blend with the blender stick. add more water if need be. Eat. Very precise. Kim loves my recipes.

I got Fro Yo with Anna and Christy! While 16 Handles dissappointed us with there lack of Pumpkin, I do always love a good afternoon of discussing races, compression socks, and our desires to not go out starting at 11. Yay for Running Friends. Particularly now that Kelsey is far away.

BUT Kelsey and I are getting ready for the ROCK AND ROLL SAVANNAH. Wohoo. One more long week of running and then TAPER. I’m excited.  My legs are tired.

Giants Football! Despite the fact that we lost and I got a wicked (I love that expression) sunburn, it was still fun. I love that i can hang out with my cousins Chrissy and Matt way more often now.

Chrissy, Matt, and I.

The holidays are coming! I got an email asking what i want! Suggestions?!

Happy Monday!! And I promise to post more!

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One Response to Happy Hour!!

  1. runningseal says:

    Ohh almost marathon time!!!!! EEEK! Exciting!

    Haven’t seen you in so long! Must hang out 🙂

    I want the new garmin 910xt 🙂

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