I <3 New York

Dear New York,

Today marks three months of living here. And like the commitment – philic I am, I’m just going to come out and say it. I love you. When I was little I thought I loved you. But now I can say for real, a semi grown up version of me loves you. Yes, we’ve had our issues. Apartment hunting was horrific. Really did I need to pay someone an absurd amount of money to open one door and hand over an absurdly large check to someone else? And really does rent need to be so high? Yes New York, you do suck my paycheck for all its worth, leaving less than ideal for race fees, sports beans, 16 Handles, happy hour and all the fabulous restaurants you have. But a loving relationship is one where you look past the faults (thats what they say right?). So fine.

I love Central Park. It still takes my breath away when i run the reservoir path and the sun is starting to set.  I love the west side highway. It is surreal to see the Statue of Liberty when you’re pounding out a tempo run. I love the fact that every type of food I could possibly want is available by just a short train ride. I love that though sometimes the MTA gets stuck in inconvenient locations and sometimes there are bomb sniffing dogs and machine guns at every platform, it still gets me around far faster then the el ever did. (And lets not even think about comparing it to MARTA).  I love the energy. They say its the city that never sleeps. I can attest that I have gotten signifcantly less sleep living here then anywhere else I have ever lived. But its an energy that pervades everything. Some people hate it. I do not.

Sleep is NOT useless. But i like the sentiment. Behind the trash can it says "Perhaps it is that the heart beats faster here than anywhere else"

I love NYRR. Yes the 9+1 program has its faults (and yes I’m annoyed I can’t use it to qualify for NYCM next year.) But its great to have frequent races that are responibly priced ($18 for the 1/2 last weekend compared to $180 for the Rock and Roll half I did in Chicago. Different races yes but still). And its great to have races that so many people I know do!

There are so many things I really enjoy about living here but the best has to be the people that I’ve meet. From the best coworkers you could possibly imagine, to Northwestern friends who moved up here with me, to Northwestern friends I met by complete random chance (Kim I’m talking to you!), to the awesome GlobeMed people I get to see now, to the amazing running community who are always up for yoga, runs, and 16 Handles and to everyone in between. I love being close to family, to see my grandmother and hang out with my brother and cousins. Its something I missed for so long and I love that I’m taking advantage of it now. I’m excited to keep meeting people, meeting more runners and globemed people in particular.

Yea New York, you aren’t perfect. I miss Chicago (particularly this weekend. GO BREWERS! GO NORTHWESTERN! KICK ASS EVERYONE RUNNING THE CHICAGO MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!). I miss my friends.

This is Anna. I love her. She lives far away. 😦

These are my friends from college. I wish they would come visit soon. Please?!

But all in all, I do love New York. And I hope that soon LOTS of people will come and visit me. People that are not just you know, my mother. (I am very excited for your visit though Mom!!!)

Here’s to making every moment count, no matter where you are. New York, Boston, San Fran, Chicago, LA, Milwaukee, Atlanta. Where ever it is. Three months ago I packed all of my worldly possessions (and I have a LOT of crap in case you were wondering. you probably guessed…) into my moms CRV and drove straight here. There were some tears. I wondered if i was making the wrong decision. I wondered if I was going to get the job i was applying for (I did). I wondered if my mother was going to kill me for not being fully packed (she didn’t but I think she wanted to). But all in all, it was a great move. Maybe not forever but for now.

So yes. I love you New York. And thanks to everyone who has made me love it so. And to those people who I will meet who will make me love it more. And to everyone I love who isn’t here, we now have BOTH a couch and an air mattress. COME VISIT ME!!! I will make you muffins. And promise not to make you run. Unless that is your thing.

Much love,


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3 Responses to I <3 New York

  1. Kimberly says:

    🙂 ! Have a purple shot for me tonight!

  2. runningseal says:

    I love NYC too. Sometimes I wonder why I live here and think about leaving, but I am not sure if I ever could.

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