How is it Thursday?!

How is it Thursday already? This week is flying by! What have I done this week? Mhm. There was some 16 Handles. They tweeted me. I couldn’t say no.

I’m a sucker for fro yo tweets. It is possible that I went tonight as well….

I also made Pumpkin Gnochi after seeing it on Susan who just ran a kickass marathon’s blog. It was delicious. And orange. And the perfect dinner compliment to my pumpkin flavored fro yo.  A friend from college, Kim, and I had a great Tuesday night date, complete with a bit of How I Met Your Mother. Good times.

I made them take this photo. They think i'm a little crazy i think... I also am wearing my pajamas. Classy I know

Last night I realized it is exactly 10 miles from my office to my apartment depending on how you cut it. Can you say midweek long runs? I figured this out running home from work again and not stopping at my brothers apartment to steal snacks. (Side note: If I am ever starving I’m just going to camp out at his place. Hope you don’t mind Sean.) I’ve been trying to make sure I’m getting in long runs during the week though it isn’t easy. So i hope this new found realization will help. Also can I just say that I love how many people were still in the Park post darkness? Good job people. Let’s not let a little darkness get in our way.

I love a good sunset

I wish this wasn't blurry. The reservoir in the dark is one of my very favorite parts of New York.

So apparently in blog land people like to be happy on Thursdays. I’m game for that. Thursdays have happy hours and yoga and its almost the weekend. My alliteration skills leave something to be desired. So I’ll work on a clever Thursday title. Don’t hold your breath I’m not that clever.

Nonetheless I’m happy I “stole” a coworkers chair. Mine was freaking me out cause it had some sort of wierd wobbly action. Now before you think I’m a horrible person let’s remember this coworker actually workers in another state and is only in the office once a month. So really she won’t notice. But i will. I like my new chair.

I’m happy my office is feeding me today. Sometimes they do that. Its nice. Good job employer. You will sway me with free food.

I’m happy bars sometimes have couches. I did not realize this was a thing. If bars in Evanston had couches I would have totally gone out more. The bar I went to over the weekend had a whole room of couches and library books. Ah-maz-ing. A bar i went to this week had couches and books and Jenga. I love Jenga. I did not play. Next time though.

I’m happy about twitter. Yes yes yes I know I’m lame and very late to the party. I thought it was stupid for a long time. I apologize Nina, Tom, Drew, Jordan, Kelsey, Hillary, and the other people who I mocked about this. It is great. And a great way to meet running friends. And i don’t care if my brother makes fun of me for it. He is just jealous. (really he is. He never gets to eat frozen yogurt. crazy person)

Well I’m not happy that Steve Jobs died but man did he have a productive life. I am an apple girl through and through. When i got my first job, my first big purchase was an iphone. This was mostly because i got lost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. i took the subway. And it often ended in me calling my mother and making her google map directions for the three blocks between where I was and where I was going. I love my iphone. Perhaps a bit too much. I also love my mac. Though it got eaten by uganda a bit and I really need a new one. At any rate, I love Steve Jobs and Apple. Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.

Happy Thursday People! Let’s be happy ok? Its almost the weekend. And you know what race is this weekend? THE CHICAGO MARATHON!!! Post to come. I love.

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One Response to How is it Thursday?!

  1. Kelsey says:

    well I’m excited to read your Chicago recap a year after the fact? Mine is basically “I love flat things. Going west was boring and sucked a little bit. Then I ran into Maddie and she saved my butt. The boys tried to make us stand up on the train way home.”

    I broke my office chair like the first day I got it. There is a little lumbar support panel I knocked off. whoops!

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