Let’s Race and Other Solid Weekend Events!

So last week wasn’t the most successful in the morning running department. BUT I rallied by having a few great afternoon runs. Thursday I pulled another run-quickly-after-work-then-go-to-happy-hour-sweaty which I’m sure my coworkers love. I sometimes wonder why my office hired me given the number of times I leave or enter that place in really sweaty gym clothes when everyone else is in nicely pressed suits. Whoops. Good thing I’m so loveable…

Friday I decided to forgo the Metro after work and run home! it was great. Great. I left my work stuff at work for the weekend, grabbed my phone and ID and took off down the west side highway. It was beautiful, great to have a destination to be running to and a wonderful way to start the weekend.

Sun setting on the Hudson

Oh hey New Jersey!

Friday night I hung out with some work people (LOVE MY WORK FRIENDS!) and got all ready for the race on Saturday! I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked and my run home from work was a nice little 11 miles so I wasn’t feeling so confident about Saturday’s run since I had 22 miles (13.1 of which were the Grete’s half). But it was actually GREAT!

Norwegian Festival Grete’s Great Gallop!

The Good: Everything

The Bad: We only got one waffle at the end? It was really humid but still.

I was planning on doing 8 miles before the race and then an extra mile or so after the race. I don’t have a garmin so I’m not totally sure of the distance but my total mileage was definate over 22. Wohooo. Savannah I’m coming for you!. I was running around the park before the race and I ran into my friend Anna who was running with her pace group. I tagged along and they got me moving at a good pace! We literally ran to the start of the race and jumped right in, which ended up being perfect. Anna, Anne, their pace leader, and I were running just under 9 minute miles and I was loving it. It was humid and hot but there was so much excitement in the park! I loved chatting with Anna and Anne and their pace guy (who had just had a birthday and was a bit tired I think :)). Christine wrote a post recently about “Running Mantras” and this time mine was definitely “He’s cute stay with him” hehe.  It was a lot of fun.

I lost my friends eventually and finished on my own. I was a bit tired at the end but felt strong!

Finishing Time: 1:53:08! Average Pace:8:39. Wohooo. That was a good post after 8 miles of running pre half!

After I finished I saw the awesome CHRISTY who ran an AMAZING race and PR’d!!! We wandered around the festival, ate some waffles, and enjoyed the crisp air! It was a GREAT morning and a GREAT race.

I chased my race with some Northwestern Football (hello purple shots. Don’t worry mom they are very tiny and perhaps made of cough syrup and purple food coloring). We lost but it was still great to see so much purple in NYC.

Today I enjoyed the fall day, got some Butternut Squash and Pumpkin, and played some ZogSports football! It was a beautiful day and I’m so excited for fall!

How was everyone else’s weekends? Good races or long runs? Any good fall weekends?? I want to hear!

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One Response to Let’s Race and Other Solid Weekend Events!

  1. runningseal says:

    Nice long run! Sad I missed you after Grete’s!!! I just did my last “long run” of eight, but I hung out after the race for awhile with people.

    I also love running home from work 🙂 Those sunset pictures are really pretty!

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