Couches and Phones!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a couch!!! My roommate (Kim) and I ordered a couch from Target about a ZILLION years ago and it FINALLY arrived. After I had dinner with a friend from school who is also in NYC, Kim and I put it together!

It's a living room! And some Northwestern Love!

Our apartment is FINALLY starting to come together and feel like home. We have our (tiny) TV,and couch, and (itty bitty) table,and 3 Northwestern blankets. I’m not actually exaggerating. People think Northwestern = cold = purple blanket is a great gift. I’m not complaining, mine are well used!!

It’s exciting to start feeling like I’m actually LIVING here for real. Exhausting though.

This week has not been fantastic for running. I had a rest day Monday cause of some lingering pain from my 20 miler, ran Tuesday after work, and took today off as well cause of some lingering knee pain. But I’m hoping to be back tomorrow cause I hope to knock 22 out this weekend, partially at the 1/2 Marathon in the Park on Saturday!

But the run I did do on Tuesday was great. I ran straight from work and I always feel like such a badass running on Wall Street.

I did not take this photo. But its nice

I work just off of Wall Street and feel a bit like a sell out when I get off the subway in the morning even though I’m not working at some financial company or anything (nothing wrong with them just not what my Social Policy Degree was gonna go to). Its nice to put on some running shoes and short shorts and go for a run amid the suits. I love running through Battery Park and down the water. Its a great way to recharge after work and feel like myself again.

Question: Do you bring your phone when you run? I love my iphone and love that I can listen to Pandora on it (which i don’t use nearly enough since it doesn’t work underground and most of my commute is by subway) and I would love to be able to take pictures on my run. But I also love totally disconnecting from the world and just having my “me” time when I run. I usually bring my ipod along for the music though it is on its very very last leg (tear) so I don’t need the phone for the music. Thoughts? I know its probably safer too…

Okay bed time so I can get a great run in tomorrow morning!!

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2 Responses to Couches and Phones!

  1. Christine says:

    great post! your apt looks so cute!

    love/hate bringing my camera on runs – always feel like i HAVE to take pictures. it can be distracting but i do like having pictures for me… and for the blog! i’d suggest snappin’ some pics on easy, shorter runs! 🙂

  2. runningseal says:

    I love going for a run in the financial district too. I usually use the half mile or so until I get to the West Side Highway as warm-up. I usually don’t bring my phone but I do have a sports bra where I can put my camera so I don’t need to hold onto it. I think I might do that for the NYC Marathon this year.

    Seems like everyone is doing Grete’s! I wish I was too! I might come and run the other direction to cheer people on 🙂 Good luck!

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