We’re not in Kansas Any More!

So i’ve actually never been to Kansas… I don’t think at least. But Kansas is flat. I think. And Chicago is flat. I know. Last year I did the CARA Ready to Run 20 Miler. It was lovely and flat and when you finished they pronounced you “Ready to Run” the Chicago Marathon and handed you a beer. It was great. This year I ran the NYRR 18 Mile Tune Up. Yes it was 2 miles shorter. No it was not two miles easier. Nope nope nope.

NYRR 18 Mile Tune Up Recap!!!

The Bad: HOT AND HUMID, Hilly, Announcers, Poor Preparations

The Good: Announcers, Felt Good, Finished!, Great Weekend!


To back up it should be shared that I spent yesterday hanging out with some AWESOME work friends.

Sorry sucky Iphone photo. But these are work friends Lori and Stephanie. I like them a lot.

We participated in the NYC BeerMarathon. Which is I’m sure a textbook way to prepare for a 20 mile run. But i didn’t drink that much (don’t worry mom!). I had a nice Brooklyn Lager and a Blue Moon and called it quits but quite enjoyed the drunk people wandering around in funny Viking hats. Then I met my  cousin, brother, and sister in law for dinner at a yummy Italian place and then came home and crashed.

This morning I got up bright and early and headed down to the Park. I did a bit extra to make it a nice 20 miles but woke up a bit tired and it was HUMID. Like you could cut the air. I realize upon leaving my apartment that I had forgotten the Body Glide but hoped it would be okay. Whoops. I started out super slow, feeling kind of slugish but then I started to hit my stride. I had some knee pain and quite unpleasant stomach pain around mile 13 but I rallied (quick porta potty break – ew sweaty people in porta pottys is really gross) and felt pretty strong. In Chicago the lake front path is beautiful and FLAT. Like a pancake. Central Park is not so much. not so much at all. But I don’t think Savannah is either so its good practice and I felt pretty good after the first loop. I was minorly annoyed when I finished loop two and (after having been lapped by a few speedy boys) I heard the announcer announce “Well that’s it, the first 5 guys are in”. Uh what about the first 5 girls? And you know the thousands of us that are still running? A pet peeve I have about marathon running is when people think it only matters who wins. A marathon is a LONG freaking way no matter how long it takes. 18 miles or 26.2 miles or whatever is impressive regardless. So Mr. Announcer I’d like to see you run it! (Though he works for NYRR and probably could kick my butt… Not the point).

Lap three I felt strong until my stomach got really angry. But we fought for a little while, It won for a few minutes and then I decided it was time to go. After mile 15 I concentrated on “chicking” guys. Muahahah. Good times. And I was wearing my I ❤ Sweat shirt (Blue in case you were wondering. Why yes I do have two, thanks for noticing) and one lady got really excited and yelled “I LOVE SWEAT TOO” over and over again. It was very inspirational. I ran faster. At the finish, I focused in on the five guys in front of me and proceeded to knock them off one by one. Nope not a bit competitive. Then I hear the announcer say “And Emily Garrett is coming in!!’ And i get really excited and pump my arms so everyone cheers for me. hehe. very fun. I finished strong and felt good, and definately could have kept going. Minus the blood all over my legs from where my shorts chafed from the humidity. Oy it better not be hot in Savannah.

But overall it was a great race and a great weekend. Today I got almost finished moving in, my roommate and I took the boat to Ikea where we got shelves and conviently watched the sunset and ate chocolate, and then I got 16Handles with another fantastic work friend.

Thank you Ikea Brooklyn for this free sunset cruise.

Awesome weekend, ready to tackle the week!!! I hope everyone had great weekends, long runs, and races!!

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2 Responses to We’re not in Kansas Any More!

  1. runningseal says:

    Congrats on the Tune-Up! I have successfully avoided it for the 3rd year in a row 😉 Great seeing you in the park on Saturday briefly. Let’s hang out soon!

  2. Christine says:

    sounds like a wonderful weekend! can’t really go wrong with beer, friends, and racing.

    extra props for chicking guys. LOVE THAT!

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