Celebrities, Work Friends, and Fitting it All in!

So after my profound desires to be a morning runner, I did not in fact make it so up and a’tom. Thursday morning, despite having plans in the afternoon, I totally slept through my alarm and had to dash off to work. But I rallied by running afterwork and shopping up to Happy Hour with my work friends only slightly sweaty. I’m sure they enjoyed it but what can I say,a girls got to do what a girls got to do! We went to McFadden’s for 1/2 priced happy hour and had a great time! When we were leaving we realized that one of the bartenders was:

Yep I watched the Bachelor. and Bachelorette. And a lot of Bachelor Pad...

Graham! From Bachelor Pad. and the Bachelorette! My roommate in college Hillary got us all into the shows and we would all watch them together.  Now that the four of us are spread across the country we can still bond over mutual love of Little Mike. Ahem Anyways.

Michelle Money, who met Graham on Bachelor Pad and simultaneously made herself look so much less crazy, was also at McFadden’s. So basically my work friends and I have very good taste in Happy Hour bars.

Anyways, this morning I managed to wake up early enough to grab a quick 5 miles before work and then after work I picked up my stuff for the NYRR 18mile Tune Up! Which will be held in the rain I’m sure. Whohoo. I’m going to add an extra 2 miles running to the Park to make it a nice 20 miles. Yay. While I was there people were pickin up tshirts for the Fifth Ave 5 miler. I was jealous. just a touch. I want a tshirt. We got a weird little towel and some men’s deodorant.  Which I could give to my boyfriend. if I had one. Way to rub it in NYRR! Lol. Anyways.

I’m excited for my weekend. I’m going to hang out, get my stuff from the suburbs, and do some good running. Its supposed to rain all weekend in the city so probably a bit of a low key weekend but still fun. Best of luck to Anna and Ali who are running the HAMPTON’S MARATHON tomorrow!!! Wohoo! You guys are going to ROCK IT!

Anyone else running the 18miler in Central Park on Sunday? Or want my deodorant? Or go to Happy Hours after running?!

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One Response to Celebrities, Work Friends, and Fitting it All in!

  1. Kelsey says:

    pretty sure little Mike and Michael Stagliano are different people. at least in my book.

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