Morning Running!

Morning Running is HARD. people this is difficult. When I first started running in Middle School, I was a solid after school runner. We had XC practice every day from 4-5 or 6. During the summer, in high school, I ran in the mornings cause Atlanta is really really hot. So we would run around 7:30 or 8, eat breakfast, and head to a fairly easy summer job (nannying in my case) before coming home and watching tv because it was too hot to do anything.

Nope i'm not running. But check out the super sweet private school uniforms!

In college I generally ran whenever i felt like it. Which often was in the middle of the day. I quite enjoy a solid 10am run. Early enough to not be too hot, late enough to sleep in. Good times. But its hard to run in the middle of the day if you are doing anything else much less if you have a job! So I’ve been trying really hard to run in the morning. As beautiful as the sun rise is, its tough to get out there. It is a priority to me and since I just moved to New York and want to squeeze every last drop of summer out of this city, I’m trying but it is tough. I even do the sleep in your running clothes deal (kind of gross but if it gets me 8 extra minutes of sleep) and bribe myself with Friday bagels at my office!

But as much as it sucks to drag yourself out of bed, it is a pretty great feeling when you get on the subway at 8:15 with 10 miles under your belt. Yes take that people I ran while you slept. Nope I’m not in the least bit competitive. I also know it wakes me up and makes me more productive for the first couple of hours of work! So I desperately want to be a morning runner but its TOUGH. Anyone other Central Park morning runners want to meet up ever?

Also can we talk about how Spice World is on TV? I don’t think I’ve seen this movie since I was like 8. And apparently there are alien in it? Where did this come from? All I remembered is the wonderful songs. And boys dancing to them at Cross Country camp. (Yes i went to Running camp. Best two weeks ever.)

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One Response to Morning Running!

  1. Kelsey says:

    I’ve found perspiring heavily while on public transportation because I haven’t stopped sweating post-run to be a fabulous way to make friends

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