Guess who finally has internet again?! And TV! hellloooo food network! To catch you up to speed, I’ve continued my tour of New York, eating, running and shopping my way through the city!

Last week I met up with some amazing new runner friends! We yoga’d and ate lots of fro yo and chatted about running and races we want to do and have done and it was great. I love when people understand that sometime plans need to be moved around to get runs in and that not drinking on a friday night cause you have to run long the next morning is totally normal. Sometimes my friends give me a hard time about such things and its so great to have friends that understand! Also they didn’t even laugh at me when I fell once  six times during yoga class. And I think the three of us spent about $30 on fro yo. Well spent I think.

This past weekend, I rallied my inner Northwestern Wildcat and treked down to West Point to watch Northwestern take on army. I went with my brother and sister in law and two of their friends. We apple picked, tail gated, drank some beer, and watched some fairly horrible football. Northwestern lost but Army was very nice about it and West Point is beautiful!

Cider and Donuts!

Carbo loading with Pumpkin Beer?Don't mind if I do!

Purple People in New York!!!

It was a lovely fall day. I grabbed some leftover furniture from my brother’s apartment while we had a rental car, chatted with my roommate and then finally went to bed around 1. When the alarm went off at 6 I can’t say I was terribly excited but I got up and started my Sunday morning long run. I felt a bit draggy but I hadn’t had a long run in almost two weeks so I really need to do it. Mr. Nike Plus ipod distance calculator was not having it at all and died literally .6 miles into the run. I think i need a new pace calculating solution…. But despite not feeling super great, I actually ran fairly well. Perhaps it was cause i knew I had brunch plans at 11 (and i LOVE LOVE LOVE brunch) but i think i was pretty close to MGP! So success! I felt good and enjoyed my post run brunch which i then chased with a nice round of zog football! We won. Be excited. It was fun to meet some people and hopefully some friends will be made over the course of the season!

Alright off to enjoy my tv for a bit before a morning run in the Park! I LOVE living near Central Park. Love it.

Any other fall activities this weekend? Or fro yo eating? If so can I come next time?!

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One Response to Back!!!!

  1. Christine says:

    yayyyyy love this!

    serious dedication on your long run after a saturday tailgate! it sounds like you had a perfect fall weekend!

    am i seeing you tonight?! maybe? 🙂

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