Well that could have gone better….

Sooooo in my quest to move to New York and make friends and find a home and like my job, my marathon training has kind of taken a back seat. This weekend I’m working at the U.S. Open for my Uncle and Ben and Jerry’s (anyone want to buy an overpriced but delicious ice cream cone from me??? i’ll give you extra sprinkles!!) so I won’t be able to get a long run in. The plan was to do it today before work… Well after finally getting my night stand together last night it was 1:00am and when the alarm went off at 5 I was not having it. So i slept till six and did 8 instead of 14 and cried for a few minutes (exageration people) and got over it. So the runs have been occuring certainly but its tough to get in the distance. But whatever, we are going to call this a major setback week, I’ve been working on speed, and my body aches all over so maybe its fine. Slash there is nothing I can do about it so i’m going to roll with it.

But what have I been so busy with that I can’t run? Well I’m glad you asked! I got all my stuff that is in the city into my apartment (still got some stuff in the suburbs but that can wait), I have 2/3rds of my furniture together (freaking dresser….) and though my room currently looks like a bomb hit it, it is all my own. I’m really excited to have my own room again, and i am IN LOVE with the dresser, though I havent put it together. We also ordered cable so that should be well on its way. By which i mean September 17th I will be watching Food Network. Woot woo.

I also went to a fantastic Venezulan restuarnt where I had delightful sangaria and some sort of corn cake filled with meat and plantains. Delicious. It was in Chelsea where I’d never been but quite enjoyed.

Wednesday I went with my brother and sister in law to the U.S. Open and actually watched some tennis!!! Wohooo. First time ever not wearing an ice cream stained tshirt. We watched a very attractive young tennis player whose name I don’t remember, a super tall (6’9″) Jewish tennis player (who is single just you know, fyi), and Roddick. I think They were all Americans and they all won! It was nice to be a real person and hopefully it will make selling ice cream all weekend long not so bad.

Last night I had happy hour on Stone Street, a wierd little row of bars near my office. A gaggle of the young people went and had a few drinks (mhm Blue Moon) and it was a good time. Followed by some target shopping in a failed attempt to get a table. Booo Target. but i will say its pretty sweet being a short bus or 20 minute walk from a Target. And Costco. Hazahh. Okay off to the Open this weekend.

Happy Labor Day all you lucky ducks that are not working!!! (though I am working by choice)

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