Wholy Hills!

So just as a forwarning, the blog posts might be a tiny bit light on pictures for the next bit. I don’t have interent at my apartment yet so i have to post from other computers where I can’t plug in cameras/iphones. I know my loyal readers (Kelsey I’m looking at you) will be terribly dissapointed. I also can’t make it link anymore. But that i will fix.

So last night was my first night in my brand new apartment! Besides kind of crappy water pressure and a bit of loudness i’m super excited. I think the loudness will go away as I get used to it, I’ve been staying with my brother on the 21st floor where as you might imagine, its not so loud.  But its big city noise! So as I’m trying to do in this next phase of life, i’m going to embrace it. I still have some work to do on the apartment (read: buy lots of stuff and put together my furniture) but its going to be wonderful. I’m excited to get everything set up, have my roommate move in, and have a housewarming party!!

Today I went for a nice little jaunt around the park. I’ve got to say getting from the East side to the park is way more difficult then the west. There are a lot more busy streets and a VERY large hill. Like from my front door to the Park is one massive hill. And it takes a while to cross those silly streets. Don’t people understand they should stop for me? Duh. But I did get in about a 6 mile run, at a decent pace since I was worried I was going to be late.

I’m excited to explore my new neighborhood and make new friends as I finally have a permenant home. And all that jazz.

Tonight we have a retirment party for a coworker and then dinner with a friend. The party should be entertaining…

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