Summer Streets!

I think the general feeling in New York right now is irritation. Everyone got all hyped up about the storm and then nothing really happened. I mean yes the suburbs got hit pretty bad but the city escaped with only minor damage. Central Park had some downed trees, Lower Manhattan looks like it got a bit wet, and Long Island I think got a bit zonked. But here in Sean’s apartment we are just fine. We had power, water, cable, and internet the whole time. Yesterday we did some successful shopping, today we sat around, ate an awful lot, did some baking, wandered a bit and cabbed it AROUND central park to get to my apartment to put together my bed so at least i have a place to sleep tomorrow night when they kick me out. (No they aren’t kicking me out but I feel like my welcome is wearing off and plus i’m excited about my place. I just don’t have internet yet and with the dicey weather it made the most sense to stay here one more night. Plus my office decided that tomorrow would be great to have work even though the ENTIRE SUBWAY SYSTEM IS DOWN!!!! NOT HAPPY)

The City Post StormThe city post storm!

Everyone out enjoying the wind on the Hudson!!

So while this weekend has been busy with apartment filling and hurricane avoiding, a few weekends ago I got to enjoy Summer Streets. This is three fantastic Saturdays where they close Park Ave from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park for Runners and Bikers and Fun Seekers. It was great. I met up with Christy and pounded out some good miles. I loved it.

Me, and the city. Looking sweaty in my I ❤ Sweat tshirt!

Good times had. But now I prepare for operation running to work with all my stuff. Thanks a lot hurricane irene. You didn’t even come to visit really. Such a tease!

Happy Hurricane Weekend!!!

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