Run to higher ground?!

So as everyone in the world probably knows, a hurricane is headed for the Big Apple. Its been funny watching as everyone’s priorities come out. Coworkers fretted about birthday parties and booze, or water and batteries (lame so practical), or plans to see sporting events but I quietly celebrated the canceling of kids day at the US Open (Sorry kiddos no ice cream for you) and wondered how I would a) do a long run and b) move. uh good timing on the move Emily. Always on the ball.

But i broke the long run into two chunks for a 10 before work, 6 after, 16 mile day. Both chunks felt good and though i feel a tiny bit like 2 a days is cheating, I’ma roll with it because really options are limited. Tomorrow the most fantastic brother and sister in law in the world are getting up at the crack to hit up Ikea/Target/Costco and cart my shit around the city. I’ve got a long list of things I need and I’m ready to get a shopping. because really after the apartment hunting and broker paying I’ve got money burning a hole in my wallet… not. But still excited to get it done and have a real live home. So the plan is leave early, drive to NJ do some shopping and high tail it back into the city to take cover at Sean’s place. My new apartment is in an evacuation zone so hanging out there sounds bad. Plus my roommate is headed home to avoid the “gail force winds” and all. phew who does that? (kidding love you Kim)

Updates to come tomorrow. With photos.

P.S. I love my officemates. So many fantastic people. I’m borrowing friends left and right. And in the market for more. NYCers? after we survive Irene together? Its a city bonding thing, we can all be friends. Fro yo anyone?? okay personal ad done.

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