Okay this blog has been a total failure. But now I’m in New York. And therefore I’m going to make it happen. So I will be updating on my last few days but in the meantime heres the short version. Since I last updated I:

Can Run Again (HAZZAH): I’m in the middle of training for the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon, LOVING running in central park and doing summer streets and finding new running paths!

Graduated College: Yay? Northwestern was great but now I’m out and moving on to bigger and better things! I can’t wait for my Northwestern friends to visit!

MOVED: Welcome to the Big Apple baby! I moved up to the land of subways, great bagels, high taxes, and lots of family. And I’m totally loving it. Loving the food and the people, the taxes not so much but what can you do? Everything has been super great and I’ve been having a blast exploring and meeting new friends, particularly the runner/blogger crowd!

Employed: Winner! I’m working at a law firm as a paralegal which isn’t exactly the ideal dream BUT i’m learning alot and I love my coworkers and its going to be a good experience. See that there? yes its going to be good. Positivity people let’s work it.

New Apartment!: So I moved to the city and subletted a place (Magically with other Northwestern grads that i didnt know but now do) but then I had to move out because the Rabbi (it was a super Jewish house, the rabbi lived there with his wife and 6 children – love me some bunk beds) was moving. So I’m crashing with my brother before I move into my new pad. Its on the Upper East Side and totally the New York Dream: Super tiny and super expensive. And I love it! Its adorable and the location is great, near a subway and NEAR CENTRAL PARK. Its the dream and I love it. So house warming party will be soon. Invitation to follow. Make sure you watch out for it.

New Roommate: After quite a bit of roommate shopping I’ve found my roommate. She is a friend of a friend and also went to Northwestern and I’m so excited. We both love cooking and similar tv shows and I’m really excited thats its going to be great! I’ll post pictures when we have some!

Making New Friends: I’ve been super blessed to start work with 10 other recent grads so there were immediately friendly faces. I really like my work friends and hope that I can transition some of them into “real” friends. This was a huge worry of mine but everyone has been so friendly and helpful. I love having friends to eat with at work and bother when I’m bored. I’ve also been reaching out to the New York running blogging community and everyone has been great. Special thanks to Ali for the fantastic Run for the Rabbit event where I meet Christine and Christy and lots of other great girls! YAY for runner friends. Its SO great to have people who get why you need to go to bed early on a Friday night.

Work Friends!

Wedding: Yes I’m getting married… no completely kidding. I went to my best friend from high schools wedding. Isabel and Taylor were married August 13th in Atlanta and they both looked beautiful and it was a great time. Bright bridesmaid dresses, lots of food, booze, and great people made for a really excellent weekend!


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