Some things never change…

Once upon a time, I decided to come to Northwestern. I didn’t know anyone in Chicago and knew i wanted to meet people so when they sent me a flier about doing a Pre-New Student Week trip, I signed up. Being the do- gooder type, I picked Alternative Student Break. Fast forward a few months. I arrived at Northwestern, off the train with a massive suitcase and a terrified expression. i found my way to the Norris Center and sat down on the floor for some awkward hang out time with my leaders Paul and Abbey while we waited for the others to arrived. Soon Anna came in, looking just as nervous. Thank god for that girl. Anna and I often introduce each other to people as “my first Northwestern friend”. While we’ve both made lots of other friends throughout the years, we always make sure to stay in touch and I know we will be doing it for years to come.

Me and Anna in Uganda. She looks beautiful as usual

The rest of my group was just as fantastic. We went to Camp Heartland in Minnesota and laid a floor for the camps dining room. It was so much fun. Camp Heartland is a camp for kids who have either have or have a close family member with AIDS. Its a great organization and they were so great to us.

Over the years, we have all ran into each other from time to time but due to various issues (ahem temporarily transferring schools Kristen) we never all got together. So we finally pulled off a reunion last night and it was so much fun. We drank too much wine, ate too many sweets, and talked about boys, girls, futures, etc. Really awesome.

The cupcakes were a bit of a mess but still enjoyable!

Richard, who is the king of awkwardly profound thoughts (ie remember when Paul said in ten years he just wanted to be a father? Amazing), said “I can’t wait to see us at weddings with guests trying to figure us out” by guests, he meant boyfriends/ girlfriends and by that we think he meant fiancees. Uh wishful thinking maybe. Kristen busted out a can of 4 Locos which none of us had ever had and we just had so much fun. Anna even dragged us to the Keg (aka a bar for 40 year olds and 15 year olds… not kidding) and then we went to a 24 hour BK.

Four years older but still having fun

As we all grow up and try to figure out what is the next step in our lives, its really nice to remember the fun we had at school and the people we shared it with. The five of us may not hang out all the time but when we do, many its a good time. And I really wish it happened more often. We promised to get together once more before we graduate. I hope it happens. Great people, so much fun. ASBLOVE for ever.

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