Mail TIME!!

Today was such a good mail day! Though I can’t say much for my productivity. I was supposed to go to the doctor this morning but he had “emergency surgery”. Uh emergency sports medicine? I feel like this is a lie but whatever. I went back to sleep then took two Aleve and started my day.

Which was when MAIL came. My amazing friend Kelsey sent me a care package. Uh UltraMarathon Man anyone? And matching hot pink running tanks? Plus bop it key chains, reeses egg, and Target Trail Mix?! Also an adorable picture (us in Uganda, we are super hot) and a marathon ornament. Cause Kelsey went to a super cool 12 months a year Christmas store in South Dakota. haha. I LOVE getting mail and am really bummed Kelsey is far away in the bay area so I was really excited!

Kelsey is my favorite. Also Dean Karnazes

Kelsey and I in Uganda. Except she sent the photo in black and white so you can't tell how dirty we are.

Then came the Nike Frees. Hot Pink and Yellow, really comfortable and hopefully gonna make my feet really strong. hehe. I wont run in them because the barefoot running craze is lost on me but for cross training, walking around, and touring Ireland they are gonna be great. Im absolutely bringing them with me to New York this weekend. Happy Days.


Hillary Nina and I went to see Something Borrowed. It was really cute (and we went to the first matinee of the day so not exhorbantly expensive) but a little odd. At one point Rachel says something to the effect of “You deserve better, Darcy deserves better (begrudgingly), I deserve better” (shes having an affair at this point). Why do girls (myself included) always think they deserve better last? But all in all, a cute Rom Com. And kind of made me want to go to the Hamptons. And potentially law school. and def New york. omg i want to live in the city. oyyy

Anyways. Run post movie, then dinner (quinoa with pesto. LOTS of pesto. and cheese). Run was good. I’m just ignoring the knee cause it doesn’t really bother me when I run. I did 7 miles, tried to speed up a bit at the end and concentrated on form. I realized that when i speed up, i don’t really go faster. i just kick more aggressively. Counter productive. Gonna work on this.

Tomorrow i have GlobeMed, then hanging out with one of my favorites, and then who knows. maybe some fro yo. I have no food. wooops.

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