Happy Mother’s Day!

So like everyone else, I’d like to say a nice Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s, grandmother’s, aunts, etc. Like most girls, my mom is pretty great. She was never like a lot of moneys with constant care packages or candy but she was always such a great roll model. A few quarters ago,I took a class at Northwestern called Family Development in a Changing Society (Sometimes SESP gets a little bit lovey dovey). We spent a lot of time talking about families and motherhood. And i have to say, this class was the first time I ever thought I couldn’t have it all. A career AND kids AND a husband AND be close to my friends and family. I mean why would I have to make sacrifices? My mom did it all. That’s not to say she didn’t make sacrificises, she absolutely made so many sacrifices for me, my brother, and my dad. But she had a career and a great one. And she had a family and friends.

My mom works at Coralwood, an inclusion center for pre school students. She is a speech language pathologist which means she teaches kids with disabilities to talk. I’ve visited her school on many on occasion and its really amazing what she does. She teaches kids who really can’t talk to use computers to communicate, she helps special needs kids be intergrated into typical classrooms so they can learn from their peers, and she always has the best intersts of her students at heart.

I’ve always been so proud to have a mom that works. Both my mom and dad work so when I was younger I sometimes felt a little annoyed. I went to the after-school care about my elementary school until my mom or dad could pick me up. By the time I was in high school  I got involved in after school activities to give me something to do. So indirectly, my love of running is tied to my parent’s busy schedules. I ran, swam, and did plays always keeping busy after school. It never occurred to me that I couldn’t have everything. So as I set off to find my career, I still want a husband and a family. My mom did, she an amazing teacher, mom and wife!

I love you mom!

My mom and my dad at my brother's wedding.

My mom and my aunt doing Car Bombs at my cousin's wedding. Car bombs = a Garrett Family Wedding tradition. Jealous?

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