So I didn’t run the race this morning. 😦 I woke up in considerable knee pain AND it was raining. Hiking to the train and then the mile to the race from the train and then back after limping around just seemed like a terrible idea. Plus I had planned on just taking the race easy but there is something about me and rain that I just can’t jog in. I love running in summer rain (this was not summer rain. it was cold). but I run. and by run I mean go at a slightly faster pace then my normal slow one. So rain + race music + in a rush to get to the farmers market = bad for the knee. Instead I went back to sleep for a little bit, woke up feeling a bit better, so went out for a nice slow run. I actually did a little longer then the 5miles the race was supposed to be (I think i did 6.5 or 7 but i have  decided not to use my ipod for distance or pace till the knee is a okay). So all in all not horrible but still disappointing.

The Farmers Market was a bit sad as well. All i got was one measly bunch of asparagus and believe me it is measly! But hopefully will taste delicious. Update to follow. But in general i love Farmers Markets. There was a Farmers/ Everything-you-never-knew-you-wanted Market in Brussels that my friend Melissa and I went to almost every weekend. Super cheap clothing (probably made by a slave somewhere. I shutter. Don’t worry didnt buy it), scarves (ironically the very same scarves i found at markets in Turkey, Egypt, and Israel. Oh globalization), and yummy food. So great.

Melissa and I. Not at the market, playing tourist in Amsterdam. With the GREATEST HATS EVER!

In Israel, the shoq was simply amazing. Every day, Sunday – Friday morning, the sold amazing fruits and vegetables, cheese, random shit. The BIGGEST mango ever. My friend Hannah and I used to go all the time. It was so exciting. I loved having fresh and cheap vegetables in the house.  I totally miss that market. I’m hopeful where ever I end up will have a farmers market at least. And that evanston’s is better next time i go. I do want a basil plant but i’m traveling so much I think it would die. My roommates don’t really have the greatest track record of watering things. Though to be fair one of the two fish is still alive and kicking. The other froze to death i think. Woops.

I don’t even like Mangos!

Hannah cooking. I assisted you just can't see me.

Okay. Now i am going to make some peanut butter chocolate cup cakes for my ASB reunion tonight. Cause who doesn’t love some sugar pre drinking?

Don’t judge me for my race fail. So sad. Crossing my fingers for next weekend!!!!!

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