Gimme Gimme Gimme

I’m grumpy…. I woke up just kind of feeling icky. You know those days? Then after my run (which was horrendous, I could barely finish 5 miles! oh no), I just couldn’t stop shaking. Uh problem? Maybe its cause i spend too many hours a day staring at my email, willing someone to email me. maybe. But i was thinking today about how i want

1) A job. Something I like, somewhere I like, something that makes me feel like I’m doing something. You know? I’m boredddddd

2) my own apartment with my own room. Don’t get me wrong I really like my roommate but i just want my own space. I want to bring the really cool wine glass I bought in Israel and the beautiful lamp i bought in turkey and set them up. I left them with my parents because a college life style isn’t really conducive to fragile stuff.

The Grand Bazaar in Turkey... Everyone kept yelling at me and my friend cause we were these two crazy little white girls who really wanted lamps. hehe so fun

.3) my knee to be working again. I really want to get to Marathon training again but its just not cooperating. 😦 And since i don’t go to Northwestern any longer and am kind of up in the air about my living arrangement, I don’t want to pay to join a gym (not to mention I don’t have ya know, money. bahaha).  So its running or biking (my bike might have been stolen. mental note to check this). Argh. Doctor give me good news!

Okay okay enough whining. Let’s talk about happy things. I made a wierdo snack today. I haven’t been to the grocery store since Dallas so i’ve really got almost no food. LIke I have an apple sauce, soup, one yogurt, and some cheese. Also some nuts and crasins because lets face it those never go bad. (THANK YOU BEX FOR TAKING ME TO COSTCO!) So today I mixed nuts, chickpeas, frozen corn, and the rest of my cheese with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Weird? yes. Good? Yes.

Oh i am so attractive.

Tonight I’m having dinner with the lovely Maya, a wonderful GlobeMed friend. We are going to Pom, a middle eastern eatery right here in Evanston. Now it is no Israel, Palestine, or Egypt but it has its charm.  I tried to find a picture of Maya but I don’t have any. Fail.

Okay off to watch Alex donate blood. Fun times in the neighborhood huh? Stay toned for an insightful report on how i have NO TOENAILS. Don’t worry no photos… 🙂

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