The Bee’s Knees

I might need a new pair of knees. I’m kidding. I hope. Though my grandfather and my aunt both have artificial knees. They say to do them both at the same time. Otherwise you won’t do the second one. Good advice huh? I have finally agreed to go to the doctor. I have an appointment for Monday. Sad days. But considering the only time it really doesn’t hurt is when I run, I’m going to keep on keeping on. Solely. Stopping to stretch if it does hurt. But I have a race this weekend!!!! And next weekend….. Oyyy

Anyways. Back from Dallas. In chilly Evanston. Still searching for a job. My life is really quite fascinating. Try not to be jealous.

I want SHOES. Since when did i turn into such a shoe fein? In high school I had my saddle shoes and my running shoes and some flip flops. Maybe I wore Berkeinstocks in the winter. Atlanta never really got cold and I really did love to be on top of the trends. Now, I have a ton of old running shoes, moccasins, converses , flats (that I don’t really wear), black boots (don’t often wear), brown boots (LOVE), flip flops, two pairs of sandals, and really ugly job hunting heels. like really ugly.  And i want those beautiful White House Black Market heels, and Nike Frees, and North Face trail shoes. And new job hunting shoes. Um thats like $400 worth of shoes. I don’t have $400!!! I need to get over this obsession. In other news I got new running shorts in Dallas. My ONLY purchase. Its a pity boys don’t like to shop.  They are nike tempo in UT orange with orange plaid on the side.  Now i’m not a huge UT fan but i LOVE LOVE LOVE plaid. So good purchase.

Tomorrow I’m going to give blood. I hope. Dun dun dun

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