I kind of hate airports…

So I have a confession: airports are one of my worst nightmares. Which is sad because i’m in them kind of alot. Like for example, last weekend i was in Atlanta, now Dallas, next weekend New York, then Chicago, then Dublin. So yea its not that i’m not used to them. Its just such a pain. Get to the airport, take of 50% of your clothing so you can go through security, unpack bag for security, go through creepy picture taking machine, repack bag, re get dressed, then waaaaiiitttt. And I get really annoyed with the $50 standby rule. Like why would that be a good idea.

Today I’m flying home to Chicago after a week with my friend in Dallas. He was so super sweet and worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out the train to bus to bus to airport combo so he drove me to the airport. Which was really amazing but because hes a teacher and has to be at school at 7:30 we had to leave super early. like 6:15. And i got to the airport pretty early. Like 6:50. For a 10am flight. Now i’m flying Dallas to Chicago, O’hare,  a pretty common route. Which means there are lots of flights. Aka a 7:30 flight, an 8:30 flight, a 9:15 flight and my 10:00 flight. You might think it would make sense to get on an earlier flight. But no. I dont have $50. So even though about 20 people missed the 8:30 flight because of missed connections and even though that means American is going to have to rebook them on later flights and even though I could have just traded seats with these people, I’m still sitting in the airport. Hurmph. Oh the joys of airports.

I also am terrified of flying. Good day let me tell you. but with any luck I’ll be back in my apartment by two, go for a run, maybe a nap, see my friends.  (Sidenote: Someone is eating Red Mango…WHERE is it lady? I think a different concourse).  Anyways, I paid $8 for internet. Cause I’m super stressed and I just needed it. Tough morning. 😦

Anyways, more importantly lets talk about frozen yogurt. I am an admitted frozen yogurt whore. I just love it. I worked at Red Mango last summer which was interesting but i got to eat LOTS of yogurt. hello, win! I generally go for the tart but i do have to say i’ve got a soft spot for RM pumpkin. with graham crackers, dark chocolate, and almonds. just saying. otherwise i like berries, graham crackers, granola, yogurt chips, dark chocolate, mochi and almonds. I’ve luckily found great friends who also love fro yo.

Hannah, Shannie, and I enjoying the deliciousness in Israel (and the place had swings! So sweet)

In Chicago I mostly eat Red Mango cause thats whats closest to me.

I actually don't like strawberries on mine randomly... but thats the website photo so okay

But in Dallas, my friend totally indulged my obsession and we went to THREE different fro yo places. Yumilicious, Pinkberry, and Yogurtland. I think, from my careful comparison, that Yogurtland is the best deal of the four, Pinkberry has the best pure yogurt, and Red Mango has the best yogurt/toppings combo. Yumilicious had mostly sweet toppings like candy and stuff that i’m not totally crazy about on my yogurt. Pinkberry just didn’t have much in the way of dry toppings. But it was all sooo yummy. Thanks Mo!!

I’m excited to go to New York and try 16 Handles. Ali and Christine talk about it a lot so I’m super excited. Plus my brother says a new one opened right by his apartment! Now all i need are some interviews….

okay gettin close plane time. gotta find an outlet.

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