Woops Bad Blogger Emily

I have been a bad blogger lately. In part because i’ve been busy and distracted, in part because I’ve been terrified my knee is ruined for ever, and in part because i’m just bad. woops. You win some you lose some.

This weekend we made like 6 batches of cookies for my friends students. Which means I ate about an entire batch of cookie dough. Yummmy that’ll make the running faster. We also went to Breadwinners, a southwestern inspired brunch place. I had some vegetable scramble. It was bizarre. Artichoke hearts is one of those things I really like in theory but in actual practice its a little bit gross. Like I really enjoy the flavor but the texture or something? I don’t know freak me out. My friend had a fajita scramble. You know what also freaks me out? Eggs and chicken together. I’ve also thought it was kind of weird but never really thought about it until he was eating it. I mean its like moms and babies all in one plate. Ughh Gross? I’ll stick with my meatless breakfast.

When we got home from the grocery store last night the roommate were FREAKING out about the Obama announcement. We played a nice game of “The World is Coming to an End…. But How?” Someone did in fact guess a Bin Laden capture, though we were thrown off by grave developments. Other guesses included imminent nuclear attack, outbreak of a disease, or someone declaring war on us. Happy thoughts. Turned out to not be so bad. Not really bad at all. Though, I am going to get on my soapbox for a minute here:

The celebration after at Ground Zero and the White House was a little bit odd, not gonna lie. Like really do we need to celebrate quite like that? It brought back images of the photo around 9/11 of terrorist camps celebrating American deaths. Not the same, but still a bit uncomfortable. Paricularly since it was mostly what looked like Freshman in college celebrating. I mean I was 12 or 13 on 9/11, seventh grade. I vividly remember being in Mr. Burn’s Pre-Algebra class (and not only because i had to subsequent fight through teeth and nail to get to Advanced Algebra, so that i could take AP Calculus, and not take math in college…. no Mr.Cogan I do not hold a grudge…). Anyways, just seemed a little gloat-ey. Like yes good that we got him, hes a murder. But we aren’t really safer now. And we don’t need to act like they do…

But I digress.  I’m hoping the rain will stop so i can do one last Katy Trail run. Though to be honest my knee is quite unhappy. Perhaps a vicious set of abs will have to suffice. Oyy.  Back to Evanston tomorrow. This weekend the weather there has actually been better then here!

I’m excited for my Race and the post race ASB reunion dinner! These people were my first Northwestern friends so i’m excited to catch up pre graduation!!

Yes I did take this photo from Facebook... Sorry the bubble came up...

Okee doke. I desperately need to apply to some jobs….

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