Oh home sweet home….

So i came home for a job interview and conveniently stayed for Easter. Interview went fine once I decided on the outfit (Black pencil skirt and bowey blue and white top). Then i got to do some shopping with my mom! I fell in love with this shoe but didn’t but it… Yet

I LOVE THIS SHOE! (Image from White House Black Market Website)

I did however get some GREAT interview clothes (THANKS MOM! and dad i suppose) for my theoretical upcoming interviews in New York… anyone want to interview me?

NEW SKIRT! (image from White House Black Market Website)

I’m so excited about this skirt. Yep the model is wearing the adorable shoes… Gah. I need. haha. Probably not.

Anyways, I also got new running shoes and went on a great run. My knee actually didn’t hurt THAT bad which is progress. I really want to run the New York Wineglass marathon, and not just because they give you wineglasses. So i’m hoping the knee rallies. For ever. I am running the Chicago Cinco de Miler on May 7th which should be fun. I’m hopeing for a decent time… Hope hope hope. We will see.

Anyways tomorrow is easter. I’ll be making quiche (YUM) and asparagus and my mother has deemed we need some meat so apparently there will be chicken. What you gonna do. But I’m gonna try and do a morning run pre church. Big day. I suck at getting up early.

But question: i really want Nike Frees. Do I? Anyone? Internet????

Also how much do i really need to bring my cellphone with me? I mean yea its probably safer. but… Its just so annoying. You know what i need? An iphone. and not only because then I could put more pictures up and maybe people would read my blog. baha. Its the pictures that are stopping you huh?

Okay off to bake. Wohoooo.

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