Cover Letters

Blargh. Long day. I tried to donate blood but they wouldn’t let me again. 😦 lingering resentment over low iron, sad days. Anyways then I went to Panera and had a Pumpkin Muffin. YUMMY. (I tried to find a picture but can’t. Picture delicious goodness with a brown sugary topping. Yea just go to Panera and get one yourself :)). I sat there and wrote cover letters. Yippee.  Then tried to go shopping cause i’m getting nervous about this jobish interview I have on Friday.  Which brings me to my point:

Who decided I need to wear a suit to an interview? i look silly in suits. Also I feel silly. And incompetent. Soo altogether bad. Why can’t I wear a nice skirt and a cardigan? or a pair of pants and a nice top? Male dominated world. At any rate I’m not wearing a suit. My mother might berate me. But I don’t really want this job anyways. So no suit for me.  I’m thinking black skirt, blue tank, and cardigan. But maybe a blue dress. which is far to casual for a job interview. Woops. hmm. or black pants. But its going to be 80 in Atlanta.  Anyways, I’m sure the one of you reading enjoyed that little digression.

But regardless, tomorrow I leave for Atlanta. Hopefully some home cooked food is in order. And shopping. And running. In SHORTS. I’m so tired of wearing running tights. Sorry no pictures today. I’m sleepy.

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