Rain Rain Go Away

The rain makes me sad. Summer rain is nice for running in but winter rain with a side of wind thunder and hail not so much. Weather.com tells me there will be a brief break from the rain between noon and one. Good things I’ve got nothing to do and can arrange my running schedule around the weather!

Soo in happier news, last night was the first night of passover. Now i’m not actually Jewish but sometimes I pretend to be. Not really… kind of… I spent three months living in Israel a few months back (SO MUCH FUN), a very close ex boyfriend is Jewish and a I have a few really good Jewish friends. So last night I went to my friend Alex’s house for seder dinner. It was so fun! And his mom is a GREAT cook. which is saying something since its passover and its hard to find a variety of Kosher for Passover foods.

Alex is on the left. This is from Dillo Day woot woo. Josh is on the right. I'm in the middle.

Last year I had gone to Alex and Josh’s AEpi seder. Alex’s mom was much better! In Israel I got to celebrate Hannukah which was great. Mostly we lit candles and ate a lot of really bad for you donuts! Bahaha.

Okay now i must must must write some cover letters. But everyone get excited cause Glee is new tonight. And its the season finale of Parenthood!!!

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