So in honor of the Boston Marathon, I’m going to start the blog today! Because what casual marathon runner doesn’t harbor a desire to qualify for Boston? And purchase Boston swag? uh….. Guilty as charged.

I’m Emily. I just graduated from college and I’m in the fun process of finding a job! Anyone hiring for something in the social justice field? even vaguely related? haha kidding… kind of.

Anyways, I’ve been reading myself some GREAT running blogs and decided “Hey I should start one” Plus you know its not like i’m really doing anything else. Besides running, eating, and writing cover letters/ begging people to informational interview me. Bahaha. So some more about me. I began running in high school (more details to come) and have continued ever since. I’m not gonna lie. I’m slowwwww. But its so funny. Particularly when its you know NOT SNOWING. (Currently I live in Evanston IL and this morning APRIL 18, we got snow. wohoo). I’ve run a bunch of 5ks, and about 4 half marathons (Atlanta Thanksgiving Day twice, Chicago Classic, and Chicago Rock and Roll), and 2 marathons (Chicago – BEST DAY EVER, and Georgia Marathon (uhhhhhhh maybe less fun)). I love running, live in Nike Tempo shorts and Lululemon pants, and love being outside despite my nice pale skin.

oh hello! A nice walk in the blizzard (not today)

More about me later!! Wohoo for running, eating, learning, reading, and writing! And finding a job…

PS Congrats to Boston Winners. And Kara Goucher cause I love her.

Me and my roommates, I'm the one in the middle

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